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I need some style help please(20 posts)

I need some style help pleasemikebikr
May 3, 2002 11:59 AM

My anxiously awaited custom Anvil frame is on the way. Don Ferris was nice enough to send me a picture. Now the quandary. What color seat and tape do I slap on this baby? What do you think? Don says the bike is a little more orange in the light than this pictures shows.

black for both IMO (nm)ColnagoFE
May 3, 2002 12:01 PM
agreed...especially if...dustin73
May 3, 2002 10:55 PM
the wheels are predominantly (sp?) black. mmmm...Record levers, black tape, black stem, black bars, black HS, black rims and spokes and nipples (no labeling on the rims, of course)...

man i love Telecom's bikes.
White, if you are brave. Black makes more sense. (nm)Gregory Taylor
May 3, 2002 12:03 PM
Black saddle and natural color cork ribbon (nm)Lone Gunman
May 3, 2002 12:04 PM
as much black as you can find, make it stealthyatpjunkie
May 3, 2002 12:11 PM
Agree, and that's a nice bike! Tell us more about it. -NMTig
May 3, 2002 12:11 PM
May 3, 2002 12:26 PM
It's a custom steel build by Don Ferris at Anvil Bike Works. Custom geometry and sizing. It has a slightly sloping top tube and all the tubes are shaped. The tube set is also custon engineered by Anvil and manufactured by Dedachai. Supposedly similar to Dedachai EOM16.5 in weight with some better structural characterisitcs. (We'll see.) The paint was done by spectrum with some special requests on my part.
No I don't work for Anvil, but here's a link to his website if you're interested.

Thanks again for the compliment!
Second that.(nm)Leisure
May 5, 2002 3:51 AM
all black...853
May 3, 2002 12:56 PM
black HB, black stem, black tape, black seatpost,seat,wheels tires, everything!
It will make your sweet custom frame stand out!
which fork for this sweet baby?cyclopathic
May 3, 2002 1:24 PM
have to agree black for both maybe some stitching on saddle not too much. Also black bars, SP, stem and headset
Black OUZOmikebikr
May 4, 2002 5:19 AM
May 3, 2002 1:39 PM
re: I need some style help pleasepina
May 3, 2002 3:15 PM
You can go with whatever you want, orange would be fine. If you want to make it a two tone bike you can make the tires, seat, and tape all the same color, whatever color you think goes will with the frame. Black is just fine, but everyone goes black all the time. I say experiment and look at some of the bikes in the milan bike show.
Silver + black...?PODIUMBOUNDdotCA
May 3, 2002 3:36 PM
I'd recommend a silver seatpost and stem (possibly even headset) at the very least. This is due to the fact the frame has silver accents on the seatpost collar, bottle cage bolts and barrel adjusters. Then add a black handlebar and saddle with a red that matches your bike but that would be very hard to comeby. If your still split on the handle bar tape between black and white you could get zebra bar tape but it may look ugly so I'd say go with black tape. Both Shimano and Campy components are polished silver so that'd match the silver on the frame. I'd recommend Shimano... Lance rides it! And the new pedals with the teflon coated claw are silky smooth to get in and out of now, especially since you don't have to push your ankle to the limit to get out of.

Have fun with the new bike,
Nick Corcoran
Bad accident... still a good (bike) style sense... and working on a good comeback story. is my website. The video is at but you need the very latest Windows Media player and it is a 1.6 mb download.
re: I need some style help pleasebianchi boy
May 3, 2002 6:40 PM
For a nice subtle look, I agree with Lone Guy that natural cork tape and a black saddle would be nice. Some tires with natural or brown sidewalls would also look nice with this scheme and go well with the cork, as would a honey colored saddle if you're into leather (eg, Brooks Swift or Pro).

For a wilder look, some blue or blue/orange splash tape would complement the orange frame color nicely. You could pick up that color scheme again with some blue sidewall tires and a saddle with some blue kevlar trim. I'm a painter and colors that complement each other (that is, opposite on the color wheel) really stand out and also look nice together. I think either black or silver would look fine for the bars, stem and seatpost.

If you want to see how the wilder scheme would look, just get some cheap blue bar tape and try it out -- not the Cinelli stuff with adhesive backing.
Interesting. What's your opinion????mikebikr
May 4, 2002 5:28 AM
My original color scheme had the graphics being blue. Some how that got lost in the translationa dn wound up with the gold accents. I've got a Selle Italia Blue seat and matching tape. The Cane Creek Aerohead wheels also have a blue insignia. I'll try it all together and see how it looks. If it's bad I'll just switch everything to black and be a fashion wimp.

Thanks for your input!
Thanks everyone. I'll post some pics when she's built.(NM)mikebikr
May 4, 2002 5:30 AM
Beauty! Is that a Spectrum Powderworks paint job? (nm)Slacker Joe
May 4, 2002 5:51 AM
Thanks for the compliment and yes it is. (NM)mikebikr
May 4, 2002 4:42 PM