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first slipstream...where are you?(9 posts)

first slipstream...where are you?Spirito
May 3, 2002 10:23 AM
this site and moi miss your tawdry self and hey...its friday...lets get stupid!!

everything cool?

May 3, 2002 4:28 PM
Our mate Slipstream, I'm afraid to say, has taken up a new sport. He can now be found on the chat board at He sent me an email. Here's an excerpt:

" you know brother A, my fear of roundish things coupled with my crippling fear of things with gears have always made cycling difficult for me. I have made a strong effort to overcome these obstacles through intensive psychotherapy and no small amount of prescription medication, all of which has left me quite agoraphobic and constipated. I have also now developed a fear of lawn furniture and also toy plastic things with grinny faces (ie: dolls) which seems to be exacerbated by the combination of Paxil and Metamucil.

The doctors have lowered my doses all across the board and suggest I try a sport that is less traumatizing to my delicate psyche. The "immersion therapy" of cycling (putting me in direct contact with ~shiver~ both roundish things and things with gears) has proved unsuccesful I'm afraid.

However, I have found that at the group therapy picnic this last weekend, that I am quite talented in the three legged race event. This surprises me as I had never heard of such a thing until then.

At any rate, my partner in the event (a large bucktoothed Samoan named "Bunny" Cheshire) told me that he knew of some islands in the West Indies where my talents could earn me fame and fortune in this new sport of Extreme Three Legged Downhill Racing. I read some literature he provided and it turns out that the stars of this sport are sort of cult heroes over there. They make a decent living at it too. The place looks beautiful Ahimsa. They grow coconuts and lie on the beach all day. Tell Spirito I'll send a postcard ASAP. Peace to you Ahimsa, I'll be in touch. -Slipstream"

That is the last I heard of him.


he he hehehe heehehhehhee baheb baahahahehSpirito
May 3, 2002 5:11 PM
very cool indeed mister.

something tells me not to beleive you but heh?

was it you or him that was planning a garage or new shed for etra- curriclar activities? maybe he has locked himslef in and is up to something? or maybe he is indeed trying three legged pursuits.

oh, the fixie - i should mention it IS an italian frame ...more soon :-)
Just changing my demeanorSlipstream
May 3, 2002 6:34 PM
Here we are we've come to call on Ahisma.
We brought pipes (and music too: flutes and fiddles and all)
In case of death we've even brought a keener,
So, if you're glum and feeling down just feel like us
And act the clown and soon there'll be a change in your demeanour.

I put me money on a horse today for with the race he'd run away
Or so a friend that's in the know he told me,
Twenty lengths ahead at most, he proundly cantered pass the post but, woe was me, he lost the bloomin' jockey!

For your ills don't take a pill but ride on down the road, the hills
And listen to the larks lovely warbling,
In the evening in the company with music in the key of E,
You'll be dancing Kerry sets until the morning.

Just a wee bit more of a little irish whiskey for all my lad,
We'll all sing here's to your demeanor.
When you quote lyricskoolaid
May 3, 2002 7:43 PM
You should also give credit to the artists who did the song so well. The Chieftains.
Back from San Mateo, GuatemalaSlipstream
May 3, 2002 5:50 PM
You guys are so cool! What a surprise, eh.

Mangoes! It's may, ever ride through a mango forest? The fragrance permeates the air with a sweet sweet smell. Red and yellow, delicious hanging from the trees. You can pick and eat as many as you wish--or as many as El Mayo, the name given to the diarrhea that usually follows gluttony, will allow.

We are sun and moon, night and day. Different places, feelings, ways of understanding life, people and the miracle of such a wonderful fruit.

It is a place where the narrow street hugs you and the trees walk along with you as you ride by on your way to the cafe. All the color of the world greets you as you enter the market. You can have a complete meal just sampling the fruits, cheese, pastries and breads. Each stand has its own set of products, its own fragrance, its own character. There is Don, the baker, Anita and her sister, the cheese ladies; and Pedro, who is selling carrots. And there are others selling bananas, and oranges and tangerines and grapefruit. So many stories.

Guatemala where just a few years ago, over 200,000 people were killed or were disappeared by paramilitary forces. In some cases slaughtering entire villages such as this one. There was Mariela whose beautiful eyes and long black hair are nothing but a memory to Pedro. She was found in a river of blood, her face disfigured with acid. Her daughter was found nearby with her hands tied to a pipe.

Then there was Jorge who was last seen being taken by guys with the standard guns and usual car with dark windows that characterize death squads. And Giuseppe who was a social activist who, too, was tortured and killed.

The people enjoy their time in the market; the rest of the time they still live in fear of hundreds of years of these memories. Of what Marquez called, "A hundred years of solitude." They are still afraid something will happen to them. The high crime rate of today has replaced the death squads and people still don't feel safe outside of their community. Yet they always smile; and they always carry their memories.

A study of immense contrasts; where memories permeate the air like the fragrance of a mango forest.
he, hey - welcome back buddy....Spirito
May 3, 2002 6:03 PM
all that missing you and worried stuff was just a front really (says one jealous spirito in non-mago fragranted NYC)

So, whazup?Slipstream
May 3, 2002 6:11 PM
find a home for the cavalera yet? and who is your new love now?
bit of this, bit of that. know - chick's n stuffSpirito
May 4, 2002 8:58 AM
there is 2 for the cavalera and without deciding i might just toss a coin as either would be a good home for it.

its almost fully built now...soon it is passed on.

my latest love is ebay. in fact getting stuff sent from OZ and selling them on ebay for sometimes 10 X the price. all NOS vintage components and such. i may even stay permanently at home and just write and print pics and use ebay as my only source of income.....very cool and what a pleasant surprise for me who had no faith. wouldn't read about it would ya.


my friend went over to Guatamala to shoot a documentary at the time of their "referendum"? about a year or so ago - he had similar thoughts of supreme goodwill and kindness with the prospect of danger for them just around the corner. he has gome great footage in the jungles with different tribes people and his stomach can now down any type of food from his experiences. it was a funny tale as he primarily did it as a sure fire way of getting a green card with support from human rights advocates and such but he came back knowing that his residency issue was indeed so small to the riches he had seen with his eyes and camera. suffice to say he is a very changed man and our times together are no longer partying and chasing chicks...well not all the time anyway.