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This is funny: Ullrich loses his licence(2 posts)

This is funny: Ullrich loses his licenceBruno
May 3, 2002 9:13 AM
Ullrich loses his licence

Jan Ullrich has temporarily lost his driver's licence, after being penalised for leaving the scene of an accident on Tuesday night. A story in today's Bild reports that Ullrich was driving his Porsche 911 in the company of his Telekom teammate Alexandre Vinokourov and two girls, when he hit a rack containing two bicycles near Freiburg. He drove off, but the number of his car was noted by a witness, who reported it to police. They discovered it was Ullrich, and took away his licence as well as ordering him to take a blood test.

Ullrich's team manager Rudy Pevenage confirmed that he had previously drunk several glasses of wine, putting this down to his frustration over his long injury. "Such behaviour from the leader of our team is not acceptable," said Pevenage. "We will talk about it with our team director, Walter Godefroot."
At least he owns up to itpeloton
May 3, 2002 1:29 PM
"I did a stupid thing. I take responsibility and will take the consequences," said Ullrich on his website. "I'm happy that no-one was injured and I will pay the damages."

Quote from his website. I think Pantani would be claiming that he doesn't even own a Porsche.