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Panniers on a Klein Quantum(7 posts)

Panniers on a Klein QuantumServerMonkey
May 2, 2002 6:15 PM
Has anybody out there set up a Klein Quantum for touring? I am planning a extensive tour in Europe and do not have the cash to buy another ride just for a tour. I emailed Klein about putting a rack on the back and thier response was:

Unfortunately our road bikes are not designed or equipped to adequately handle the use of panniers. As we do not have direct frame mounts for racks, we strongly advise against direct clamping of our frame tubing. Your only option would be to use a seatpost mount rack/pannier system.

This reply is not too encouraging. Any ideas?
re: Panniers on a Klein QuantumB2
May 2, 2002 7:37 PM
SDeals has a touring specific lugged Reynolds 531 frame and fork for $333. Probably have to buy new BB and stem (maybe a seatpost??). The rest of your stuff should be able to be moved on over.

re: Touring Europe on a Klein Quantum,guido
May 2, 2002 10:24 PM
That would be really cool. Just travel light, with all your stuff in a big saddlebag, like the ones Rivendell has. The bigger saddlebags have stiffeners that attach to the seatpost and keep the bag from sagging onto the rear wheel.

If there's enough clearance, fenders and 28C tires would make the trip alot cleaner and more comfortable for both rider and bike. You could "fast tour" from one hotel to another. Put camera, food, maps, in a handlebar bag. Leave the lights and camping gear at home, and travel only by day.

Touring Europe isn't exactly like going across Montana, in terms of being self-sufficient. Tubes, tires, chains, repairs are available everywhere along the route. All you'd need to carry would be lightweight, easily washable, quick drying clothing, a disposable razor, comb and toothbrush.

The Klein could offer fast, light touring, staying at the little hotels in every town. Jettisoning the two bags would increase range for a day trip, while the fenders would keep you relatively dry.

But forget about loading up panniers, a week's supply of clothing, your laptop, and full camping regalia. For that you'd need a touring frame with brazed-on eyelets and a longer wheelbase. The thin tubing of the Klein could be easily crushed by clamping alot of dead weight on it ("we strongly advise against direct clamping of our frame tubing.") Thin tubing is very strong longitudinally, but not laterally.
How about a BOB Yak trailer?Becky
May 3, 2002 3:28 AM
One of those little single-wheeled trailers that holds about 70 lbs. and hitches to a special quick-release rear skewer... Run some wider tires (maybe 25s or 28s) for comfort and don't worry about hurting your frame. Granted, they're not cheap at about $270, but I would think that you could use it after the trip for running errands or whatever. Just a thought...
Good luck with finding a solution and have a great time in Europe!
Seems like light panniersdjg
May 3, 2002 6:02 AM
could be hung from one of those racks that clamps to the seatpost, maybe with a secondary rack hanging down for support around the wheels. With a heavy load, I just don't think this will work.

An alternative is the BOB trailer suggestion.
re: Panniers on a Klein QuantumJekyll
May 3, 2002 6:21 AM
You could just pick up a Surly Cross Check frame and fork for under $400 and swap parts. Accommodates large tires, has rack and fender mounts and a great reputation considering the price. Later you can always build it up with 105 or something and have a cool cross/light touring/winter bike. Just have to get past the pea green color :-)
Road bike racks,
May 3, 2002 4:26 PM
Go to

A bike rack for road bikes. Doesn't require anything special and attaches to the quick release.

Well priced, great service. I use them on my road frame.

The rack has a clamp which allows it to clamp on the rear down tube.