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Raybestos Brake Pads Ad(2 posts)

Raybestos Brake Pads Adtma
May 2, 2002 12:07 PM
Right, right, they're heavy. No, this morning I was watching the weather report and they show an ad. Guy driving SUV comes out of garage. Cut to clot of riders ripping along (not in paceline, BTW). Cut back to guy reading driving directions as he cruises along. Cut back to riders going ever faster in their four or five wide group. Cut to SUV, cut to riders, cut to intersection, cut to guy looking up in surprise as he slams on the brakes while riders hang 30mph left in front of him.

It was a bit ambiguous, but it looked like the bikes blew off a stop sign on a blind left turn. Even if not, the slant was that the driver must have the product because of the rampaging hordes they encounter. Never mind that they have their eyes and mind everywhere but on the road, which seems to be OK. A bit irresponsible to put together an ad like this, no? Furthermore, who were the actors? If they were actual riders, I hope they got a lot to prostitute themselves like that.
I think that it was the dudes from Mercatone and BigMat...Gregory Taylor
May 2, 2002 12:12 PM
...that didn't get a bid for this year's Tour de France. They sure need the money...