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Any Ideas on Pedals? Speedplay X2 & X3 or Look PP396 & PP357(4 posts)

Any Ideas on Pedals? Speedplay X2 & X3 or Look PP396 & PP357ADKBiker
May 2, 2002 6:56 AM
I need some pedals and not sure which pedals to buy. I am new to road biking but been Mtn Biking with clippless pedals for about 4 years. I am going to be doing some local racing and triathlons. I'm also going to be doing some long rides too. I weigh 200 lbs. Not sure to go with Speedplay or Look. I was thinking of the Speedplay X3 because of price. Anyone have any experience with these pedals or any tips? Plus what is a good shop online to get pedals at great prices? Thanks for any input!!!

re: Any Ideas on Pedals? Speedplay X2 & X3 or Look PP396 & PP357eschelon
May 2, 2002 7:01 AM
I've seen mixed messages on X3's...better to go with the stuff where bad reviews are rare...go with the X2's...otherwise if you can bear the thought of parting with $200 go with the Zeros. I have two road bikes and I simply don't feel like parting with $400 for two Zero pedals for my two bikes. Looks are much heavier than Speedplays.
re: Any Ideas on Pedals? Speedplay X2 & X3 or Look PP396 & PP357Jekyll
May 2, 2002 8:17 AM
If you feel you need the float (I do) then the X or Zero series pedals from Speedplay are the cat's meow.
Light, reliable, easy to clip in and out of (double sided entry). Great customer service and excellent durability.
At your weight the X1's are out (rider limit of 185lbs) so the choice is between X2's and 3's. I think that the X3's have received a bad rep. My personal experience with them does not rhyme with the stuff I have heard at times here. I have around 10k miles on a set of X3's without any problems (well, one new set of cleats). The X3's use an bearing and a bushing the X1/2 use bearings all the way around.
I have X1's on my main ride and X3's on another bike. Functionality wise I don't really think there is a real difference. Just shoot some lube in every 2k mile or so, lube the cleats and forget about them.
The Zero's allow you to adjust the amount of float from 0-15 degrees. I think these were created more to snag Look riders than for any valid technical reason. The Zero's are pricy but if you absolutely must control the amount of float the pedal has I guess they are an option. I personally still can't come up with a good reason to choose them over the X's.
Look makes a nice pedal that many seem to like. I rode them for almost a decade, after riding Speedplay for the last 2 years I would not take another set of Looks for free.
advice: borrow an try outDaveG
May 2, 2002 9:07 AM
both are great pedals. Looks have a nice big stable platform, which make them quite comfortable. They have about 9degrees of float. They are heavier (350-400grams per pair) Cleats wear fast but are readily available and cheap. Look has been around longer than any other system and is refined and reliable. Speedplays use a smaller footprint, albeit with a huge cleat, and offer lighter weight and an insane amout of "free" float. Some folks are bothered by this, others not. They offer better cornering clearance. Only way to tell is to try some. Persoanally I like the stability of the Looks (I have large feet) and am not that concerned with weight. Others swear by Speedplay. Both are proven reliable.