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First day - back in the saddle(5 posts)

First day - back in the saddleavitar
May 1, 2002 4:29 PM
Well my Mongoose Bosberg got built, and they did an express fitting ( I am very impressed with the bike and am very glad to have learned here that they used a Scantatte Airplane frame). I bought the Speedplay pedals (cause reading here they sounded like the easiest to get out of) and a helmet. This was my first road bike ride in about 8 years. First time in clip-in pedals first time with a helmet, but now I am 40 and a daddy. Went for my first lap in Central Park. (I used to bang out 4 laps no prob back then). The guy in the shop told me to keep one foot out until I got to the park which probably was great advise. Got into the park (still cars in there at that time) and had to stop. OF COURSE couldnt get my foot out and I fell over... (giggling allowed). Boy am I slow. There are so many serious bikers in there now, all with total team wear. I could not keep pace with any of that type for more than about one minute. Uphill I was too weak, downhill too scared. I was only passing Mountain bike and Cruisers and old squeeeky things.

The guy in the LBS said I should really only be using the small crank on the front, but then when it was just a little downhill I didnt want to shift to the higher 3 gears on the back cause the FD would rub. Is this basically true?
I was really a total wuss on the downhill, I used to at least pedal some.. now I was softly on the breaks.
Hope some of you can relate.

The end of it all, I enjoyed myself, and can't wait to go back for more!
May 1, 2002 6:05 PM
Keep it up and you'll be speedy in no time. 8 years is a long time. Glad to have ya back in the fold.

Keep it fun for now and don't be hard on yerself.

Glad you enjoyed it all despite falling over. I've done it too. Tight toe clips, years ago. Fell over flat out in front of a whole restaurant full of people behind plate glass. Glad I couldn't hear the laughter. Funny now though.


go pops...Go...Spirito
May 1, 2002 6:18 PM
that is really cool.

3 or 4 times a week at a few laps and youll pick up pace easy. head out at nite time - especially in summer and then youll remember what a fantastic place it is to ride and some nights - all by yourself - nothing better.

ill look out for ya

Everybody falls...Me Dot Org
May 2, 2002 10:42 AM
...or at least the honest ones do! Believe me, after a while it will become second nature. And there is nothing like the feeling you will get when you feel your body rediscovers the joy.
re: First day - back in the saddleCDH
May 8, 2002 12:11 PM
Glad to hear your riding again and having fun! I'm very interested in the Mongoose and would appreciate some information. Where did you purchase the Bosberg? What was the cost? Is it warranted?

Good Luck on the streets of NYC!

PS I ride the old Avenir pedals (upside down speedplays) and I think your knees will definitely appreciate the free-floating feel. Fine choice!