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Cannodale trade in program(5 posts)

Cannodale trade in programonespeed
May 1, 2002 11:46 AM
I have an old old Cannondale frame sitting around and just found out about the trade in program. I emailed Cannondale and they assured me that it is in place for every Cannondale frame no matter how old. The thing they were not able to tell me was how much of a price break they would give me on the trade up.

Does anyone have any idea or experience with this?
You probably don't have to trade in your Cannondale...Gregory Taylor
May 1, 2002 11:56 AM
Historically, the deal was that you can trade in ANY frameset (Huffy included) to get the discount.

I don't know what the discount is this year for the CAAD5. Try your shop and see what they say.
You probably don't have to trade in your Cannondale...Abol98
May 1, 2002 12:12 PM
The trade in (around here at least) would've meant a CAAD5 frame and fork for 500$ around Feb. when I was looking, but it had to be the Patriotic color scheme. You don't necessarily have to trade in a cannondale.. if I had done it, I would've gotten some metal shears and released one of the rusting heaps in front of my apartment from captivity. They said you could trade in a kid's huffy, if you want.
you need to check the modelscyclopathic
May 1, 2002 10:24 PM
only a few models are eligible for trade in. And yes even your kid's bike will do it (or 10$ Huffy from yardsale)
re: Cannodale trade in programpa rider
May 2, 2002 3:51 AM
Cannondale rep told me last week they give you a better deal if you trade in a Cannondale vs any bike. They didn't tell me the price difference thou.

I hear the CAAD7 is awsome. By looking at their sites I see the bottom bracket are spline now. Not sure if that mean you have to use a special bottom bracket and crank. I would ask first because cannondale is know to start their own trends, so I would want to know if the old traditional crank and bottom brackets would work.

I'm saying this because everybody went with the intergrated headset, and knowing cannondale they may have made the bottom bracket shell to only fit their spline systems. Hey it's a marketing gimnick if you get my point.

Good luck,