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Yet another poetry form(7 posts)

Yet another poetry formMe Dot Org
May 1, 2002 8:58 AM
Time to bring back the venerable limerick, in traditional baudy form (feel free to add to the post):

There was a young lass named Carlotta
Whose frames were handmade by Serotta
She said "It's unreal
How Ben wields his steel
And I'm having more fun than I oughta!"

The whole population of Gaul
Has something to say to y'all:
"First Greg and now Lance
Can't you give France a chance
To win something besides le football?"

A young man who went to the mall
Bought his bike shorts two sizes too small
His friends now surmised
That he was circumcised
But it wasn't a big thing at all

Brunhilde, who hailed from Berlin
Rode an ExtraLight made by Merlin
The substantial fraulein
Said "Bitte, a Klein
Or some oversized tubes on a Schwinn!"

A man who owned ill-fitting bikes
Had some top tubes that made him say "YIKES!"
His fall from Casati
Had left him castrati
And he now sings High C when he likes
For Spirito and AhismaAllisonHayes
May 1, 2002 9:35 AM
There once was a cyclist called Spirito
Who posted on the board incognito
He sold his favoride mate
To a woman who said donate
And now he spends his days quietly retro.

A cyclist and philosoher is Ahisma
His writings flow like an active fujiyama
He could sting like apis the honeybee
Or create a primavera just for his wifey
The world never knew was a man of so much drama.
May 1, 2002 1:40 PM
my quiet retro phase is ......Spirito
May 1, 2002 4:46 PM
not very surprising given that rogaine can do nothing for me now.

im not just finding it hard to get a part in these current threads but im finding it even harder to get a part in my hair.

hence the rememberance of things past - (where's them $uckin' madelaine's like proust used to have when cooped up for years writing his memoirs - all i got is stale oreo's)

Ah ya depressive old sot! Get off yer arse and get over it!Ahimsa
May 1, 2002 6:00 PM
"Ah me. Where's my madelaines? Where's my good cookies? Oh, my bald dome. Ah, no drugs can resurrect my fallen locks. Ah, the posts just don't interest me any more."

Shall I get you a rocking chair sir?

Can I bring ya yer friggin' slippers?

Get a grip before the reaper comes to collect, boy.

Whatsa matter? Some dame hose you down?

Retro schmetro, WTFIM!?!?!?!?

Don't make me ship off to Noo Yawk and drag ya out for boilermakers. You'll be sorry if I show up. When ya wake up somewhere in the east village with three nude rockettes and a viscous hangover, you'll be trekking home in that damned lime green boa and cursing my name to the wind.

Now, go find me some Mercian pics. Or a vintage tourer with cantis on Ebay. And pour me a scotch and soda while yer up.


A. (What's with the glum, chum?)
just trying to string that chick alisonhayes.....Spirito
May 1, 2002 6:32 PM
now you have gone and busted my angle..

im fine just on another plane at the moment. you know chick's and stuff.

speaking of wtfim...where the fXXX is slipstream???
holiday or something orperhaps he's hangin out with morrison at the tax-dodgers holiday inn down in guatamala or sumtin.

will be completely stripping the fixie with rebuilding it with all new parts soon - i wanna throw down the style gauntlet on these very pages. scored some really cool cinelli "priest" style bars and plan to build as an allrounder in its freshly shown chrome glory in the style below (not mine). umming and ahhing about fenders at the moment. cant wait.
Ahahah! Brilliant! Love it! More! More! [nm]Ahimsa
May 1, 2002 1:40 PM