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Performance Forte Tires(9 posts)

Performance Forte Tiresvarmit
May 1, 2002 2:59 AM
Folks, I was wondering if anyone here had used the Performance "Forte Kevlar" tires? Seems like a good price for a training tire. What about cornering, durability, ect?
they're surprisingly goodcyclopathic
May 1, 2002 3:36 AM
I got a pair for training and rode a century in the rain. They hold up well never slipped unlike my Conti GP. Rolling resistance is very low, less then I'd like in training tire. Can't comment on durability I only got ~350mi on them so far.


PS they seem to run small 26mm was the same width as 23mm Conti
Our favorite all-round tire.MB1
May 1, 2002 5:41 AM
Quite durable and fairly puncture resistant. I run the 700X26 on the tandem for 2000 miles than change 'em. Throw the used rear tire away and save the used front for my singles.

We try to buy them on sale and keep extra on hand.
re: Performance Forte Tiresgoathead1
May 1, 2002 5:41 AM
I bought some Forte Pro 700x20 as a light weight tire for a climbing bike. I only have about 500 miles on them, but I've been pleased. They replaced Specialized Team Turbos, and I would take them over the turbos any day. They have much better traction in wet conditions.
re: Performance Forte TiresKEN2
May 1, 2002 7:17 AM
I would recommend the Forte Pro Kevlar model, their top of the line, often available under $30 apiece.
Mixed results...DINOSAUR
May 1, 2002 8:17 AM
I purchased 5 of the Forte Pro Kevlars on sale last year for $19.00 a piece. I had two of the tire casing fail, although I did not exceed the max psi rating. Both lasted around 200 miles. I lowed the psi 5 pounds and I rode with another two with no problems until I pulled them off. Probably not a bad training tire when they are on sale and if you are strapped for money. I noticed the difference immediately when I installed some Michelins. I don't think I will gamble with them again. Maybe I just got a bad batch...I should add that I'm a big guy, and I ride lousy chipped sealed country roads and I'm really hard on tires..
re: Performance Forte Tiresby666
May 1, 2002 8:29 AM
ive used 2 pair and have not had good luck. with the first pair if i used anywhere near max psi i would have a blowout. i ended up using 100 psi. both pair were not any more puncture resistant than other light non kevlar tires, although most of the roads i ride on have a lot of crap on them. i think i got about 400 miles out of the second pair before the tire was all cut up. now i have vittoria action hsd for training tires. i picked them up for 13 bucks each and after 750 miles not one flat
happy with Perf. Forte Kevlar so farDaveG
May 1, 2002 4:02 PM
picked 'em up on sale last year and I'm pretty happy with them. They are quite resistant to flats. I'd say the ride is not quite as good as the middle-of-line Vittoria's and Conti's I used before that. Being a recreational rider I did not see the need to spend $40-50 a tire. The Forte's work for me.
re: Performance Forte Tiresvarmit
May 2, 2002 2:56 AM
Thanks for the input, everyone.