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hey, Spirito, howzit comin on that merckx strada? nm(2 posts)

hey, Spirito, howzit comin on that merckx strada? nmJS Haiku Shop
Apr 30, 2002 7:51 AM
still on the clearance sale with other bits and pieces.Spirito
Apr 30, 2002 3:04 PM
but already have about 1/2 the parts for it. hopefully soon to call gary and have him send it over and then the build begins.

thanks for askin' anyways.... trust me when its ready im sure you'll all know. i hope to build it cheap but interesting and well balanced. quite proudly it will look very pansy-ish aiming for a guest spot on martha stewart with it.

fixing up my beater for a newbie mate at the moment ... its really cool that its sum of older tired parts has fetched enough to buy later model, but still NOS parts to replace them all - result same bike with new, better working parts and a few coins left over for tape, and tubes and such.

soon to sell the fixie as well...thats gonna be tough on the ole bike soul...have really grown attached to it.

im thinking of becomming an ebay careerist at this stage. would do it in a minute if it wasn't for chumps who have computer problems all too often following the close of auctions. slow trades bore the $hit out of me. but thats misself a little personal vendetta on the side.

nice call on roll's pronunciation by the way.

cred to any man that makes three words out of one - is that a form of haiku brilliance in itself? bob roll doing haiku - now there's thought.

phil liggett could never do it as he cant finish his sentences as its a big monologue between ad breaks or when paul sherwin stomps on his foot.