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Derosa or Lemond or Lemond or Derosa or Derosa or Lemond?(6 posts)

Derosa or Lemond or Lemond or Derosa or Derosa or Lemond?tronracer
Apr 30, 2002 6:24 AM
I acquired an older Derosa (probably 84' vintage) spec'd with record componentry and open pro rims for $500 on Sunday. The frame sticker says columbus, but the bottom of the sticker has been worn away, (sl?). The frame is ferrari red with the usual chips and scratches, but in overall good shape. Yesterday, I came across a used 98' Lemon Zurich in impeccable shape for $800 spec'd with all Ultegra parts.

I have a dilemma because I look at the classic italian craftsmanship and drool. The record drivetrain (albeit a 6speed and index, frame shifters) shifts like butter. Frankly, I like the nostalgia of it too.

Now the Lemond Zurich has sti levers and full ultegra and it's newer. It too has a steel frame, reynolds 853(although it felt a bit stiffer than the Derosa). Which bike do yuou think will be more comfortable? Probably the Derosa?

Both bikes fit me perfectly and have red frames. The Lemond is a considerably lighter bike, maybe two pounds, but that's a guess. The Derosa is so much cooler. For some reason, the shifting feels much criper on the campy parts even though the stuff is over 15 years old.

Any advice is welcome, which bike do I keep?
Sell me the DeRosa and you buy the Lemond (nm)Dave Hickey
Apr 30, 2002 6:42 AM
So you think I should keep the Derosa Dave Hicky?tronracer
Apr 30, 2002 8:03 AM
It's depends on what you want out of the bike.............Dave Hickey
Apr 30, 2002 8:13 AM
It's like comparing an old sports car,ala Porsche 356,to newer sports car such as BMW Z3. They both are great cars. If it's going to be your daily driver, I'd go with the Lemond. If you want it for your second car(bike), I'd go with the DeRosa. If you are planning on riding a lot of miles, the newer parts on the Lemond are easier to replace.
Good advice here (nm)Nessism
Apr 30, 2002 8:17 AM
It's depends on what you want out of the bike.............tronracer
Apr 30, 2002 9:30 AM
It's a tough decision, looks like I'll have to get the Lemond and decide later. I guess I'll have two road bikes for awhile. Worse things could happen ;-)