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Q? on tire bulge and failure (sorry, sorta long story)...(4 posts)

Q? on tire bulge and failure (sorry, sorta long story)...timfire
Apr 30, 2002 5:47 AM
Here's my story: About a week ago I noticed a bulge in my tire. It was sort of like a "wingle" in the tire. It's hard to explain- for about 2 inches the tire sorta had a "S" shape to it when looking at it from above. It caused a noticable wingle/bump when riding. I deflated the tire and took it apart, thinking maybe the tube just wasn't sitting right. (Even though I never had this problem before.) Couldn't find anything wrong, except that the tire was slightly worn looking at the spot of the bulge right at edge of the rim. I re-installed the tire and the bulge was still there (it might have even looked a bit worse). Over the next week I took it out a couple of times, only for maybe 15-20 miles.

Then yesterday I took the tire off again and still no problem found, other than the the worn area by the edge of the rim. So I went on 20-mile ride last evening. On the way home around mile 13-14 I got a flat. When I took the tire off I noticed the tire was REALLY worn by the bulge spot (the hole was by the bulge BTW).

I knew then that I needed a new tire, so I just inflated the tire with my mini-pump and tried to make it home, which I did without a problem. When I got home I pumped the tire up a little more with my floor pump to about 90 psi. I then went back out to ride to a friend's house (it's only about a mile). Well, I wasn't out for a more than 2 blocks when I heard that unmistakable "psssssst." I looked at the tire and the worn bead at the bulge site and started to tear.

The tire was was a Hutchinson Excel that came stock on my bike. It was about 3.5 months old/ had about 1200 miles on it- a substantial amount but not neccessarily that high. I have Mavic Cosmo Wheels (Open Pro rims).

OK, sorry for the long story. My question first is this: was it just the tire going bad or did it have something to do with the rim? Could I have possibly made it worse by taking the tire off and on?

I did do a search and found a thread about similiar bulge problems, but none of the post indicated that their tires failed- at least not as quickly as mine. I mean, the tire failed only 35-40 miles from the time the bulge first developed. That would be rather quick, wouldn't it?

Thanks alot,

--Timothy Kleinert
You had a caseing failure.Spoke Wrench
Apr 30, 2002 6:04 AM
The fabric caseing is what actually contains the air pressure in your tire. The bulge and the "S" shape in your tread was the tip off that you had a caseing failure. Tires never last long after that so the smart thing to do is to replace it as soon as possible. You should consider yourself fortunate that it ultimately failed so close to your home.
Apr 30, 2002 5:25 PM
But how come he couldn't see the damage? Usually casing failures are pretty obvious with cut threads or some spot where the rubber side wall has been worn through.
In afterthought, I guess it was obvious...timfire
Apr 30, 2002 5:59 PM
... at least it was obvious when I took the tire off. The tire wore right at the edge of the rim. You would notice it if you looked, but not if you were just glancing.

It did look worn when I took the tire off, but since this is the first time this happened to me I didn't realize what was going on.

But thanks for the explanation.

--Timothy Kleinert