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Tornado and cycling: I missed touchdown(8 posts)

Tornado and cycling: I missed touchdowncyclopathic
Apr 29, 2002 2:42 PM
I was cycling yesterday when I've heard the sound like train coming through. I turned my head and when I saw I jumped off the bike and cyclocrossed into woods. It was low swampy, I slid in mud and went down. Man I really freaked out I put bike around the tree and locked my arms on it like it would really save me. Lucky me touchdown was a few miles down the road, this is how it looked like when I got there. The place was devastated, I never saw anything like that in my life, there were 2 people killed

CP /beat up by the hail, covered with slime: alive/
I touched down...tuffnick
Apr 29, 2002 2:50 PM
I'm sorry to hear 2 people died in that tornado. Its amazing how you can be grateful for life so much more. I touched down on the track on my head. But amazing I'm fine... so I missed the actual touchdown. It was more just for show :)

Cheers, to all those who have passed before us whether we know them or not, whether it was while they were riding for not.

Nick Corcoran - celebrating a sad story... but a story that ended with a miracle... not a tragedy like those of any other accident whether in the Pro Peleton or out in the real world away from cycling.
The importance of combining weather watching and cycling...Ahimsa
Apr 29, 2002 2:59 PM
Good grief man! What luck! That is amazing.

One less life, eh?

Glad you are alright.

BTW, Did you happen to see a witchy old school marm on a cruiser fly by?

A. (2 killed, huh? Sad and a shame. It's all this talk of Wind Gods...bad luck.)
similar experiencejc66502
Apr 29, 2002 4:27 PM
Several years ago, when my wife and I were still dating, we went on an early evening run by a river that ran by through her neighborhood. It was a humid and cloudy late Spring evening and the news weather forecaster predicted thunderstorms later that evening.

We ran about 5 miles when the wind changed direction and picked up considerably. The temperature seemed to drop about 10 degrees instantly. We decided it was time to head home post haste.

We made it to her house without incident. I climbed in my car and drove to my house (about 5 miles away). Enroute to my house, it began to rain heavily and the sky seemed to darken to a deep shade of greenish black. About the time I pulled into my driveway, the tornado sirens went off.

I went inside and turned on the tv. The news broadcasters were frantically advising everyone in town, particularly the south side of town (where my wife lived) to seek cover immediately because a massive tornado was on the ground moving through the city.

I freak out. Get on the phone. She doesn't answer. Get in my car and hall a$$ across town.

The scene I witness while driving across town is surreal. Houses flattened. Power lines downed. Huge, full grown trees split down the center. Chaos. And, destruction.

As I near her neighborhood, the damage intensifies. It literally looked like what I imagine a war zone would look like.

Then, as I turn onto her block, the damage and destruction vanishes. A little bit of debris litters the street but the houses and cars are intact and seemingly undamaged. It was as if the tornado hopped over her block only to land on the next block over.

I found her, a little shaken but totally unhurt, inside the house down in the basement (with her cat and dog).

Her neighborhood was spared but the surroudning area and a wide swath through the center of the city was devastated.

Her grandmother's house, about 5 blocks away, was completely destroyed. A school across the street was severly damaged and several portable classrooms (they resemble mobile trailer homes)were completely destroyed.

The tornado followed the path of the river we had been running along. Many of the trees were uprooted and split in two. Had we been running 15 minutes later, we would have been in the middle of it.
That beats any weather storygrandemamou
Apr 29, 2002 4:29 PM
I have. Glad you are alright.
re: Is this the one in La Plata, Md?guido
Apr 29, 2002 7:51 PM
My daughter told me tonight that the two people killed were sisters in the same car, which got picked up by the tornado.

Amazing picture. Amazing tale!
re: Is this the one in La Plata, Md?cyclopathic
Apr 30, 2002 3:56 AM
yes. What I heard the couple was killed when the house was leveled. They came to check out to buy it, he was retired from army. This is sick it is only ~10-15mi from my home.

There was also baseball sized hail recorded, I am glad it missed me too. I went to friend of mine and he showed me a video he shot simply unbelievable. His cars look like somebody used them for target practicing.
re: Is this the one in La Plata, Md?curlybike
Apr 30, 2002 6:54 AM
I live in Oxon Hill, and I only heard a little thunder. Really amazing how weather can localize. Friend was in the LaPlata hospital, and his New blazer in the lot was really fouled up. They were not hurt.