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TO TUFFNICK(3 posts)

Apr 29, 2002 12:51 PM
I have just been looking over some posts you
have responded to, and more of what happened to
you is coming out, i did not realise what bodily
problems you are going through, so i would like
to apologise about saying that your writing was
complete gibberish. It is nice that you are
contributing to this forum, and I hope you
are successful in you endevours. All the best
re: TO TUFFNICKishmael
Apr 29, 2002 1:16 PM
i dont think you should race...or atleast just do timetrials...landing on your head again (which is bound to happend sooner or later) i im imagine would be really bad since you've already banged it up so sure you could get as equally motivated and do just as well in something else as equally competative..branch out a little, see whats out there that you like...i used to climb all the time and was nationally ranked but now i never do,i only ride, and am as equally motivated (funny thing is i thought i was moving too a safer sport) almost as motivated to break timetrial records as winning road races i could be just as motivated to do either if i set my mind to it, ill bet you're the same...even now i sometimes wish i only did time trials because of the risks of racing, i dont even have health insurance....if you are writting poorly because you landed on your head i think thats a sign to take it easy, your head is too important, ill bet banging it again would be alot worse..YOU MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW THE EXTENT OF YOUR DAMAGE YET...i dont know why i havent gone into it more earlier but my post-head trauma didnt start begining till about a year after my bike broke, i landed on my head, was fading slowly for about 20 minutes, started to come back and then a year later i start getting dizzy and have headaches on one side and my ears especially sensitive to stress now, if i dont get enough sleep or food i get headaches and get dizzy too..looking at a computer too long (LIKE RIGHT NOW) makes me a bit dizzy and accident wasnt nearly as bad as yours im sure, they did an mri and there were little bits of scar tissue all around but nothing big...from what i understand my symptoms might go away but its been 2 years now...ill bet your parents want you to be safer too...dont risk it, the fun,excitement and glory can be had in safer ways....theres alot more out there than racing like that...DO TIME TRIALS OR SOMETHING, its the mature responsible thing to do...i might do the same myself...then again, if your doc says you arent at any more risk than other people(which i really doubt) then do it....look at the big picture...if you were to do really well in track and become famous id think it was kind of disturbing because you took bad risks, not much of a role model...but if you end up getting a record in timetrials and id known about why you switched id have even more respect for you...
Apr 29, 2002 1:49 PM
Thanks for the email and I read all of both them. Yes my head got messed over bad... I may only do 1 km time trials on the track this year to. I used to be a sprinter that died in a sub-12 second 200 m event but after 6500 km since October 1st I'm ready to jump from 200 m to 1000 m! So we'll see how that goes :) Still a fast race but not many people have ever crashed in it. And as long as I don't push myself to where my body breaks down and does stupid things I'm fine.

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