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How long will it take me to get in shape!!!???(4 posts)

How long will it take me to get in shape!!!???big guy
Apr 28, 2002 8:53 AM
Here is a brief histroy:

I just started cycling in January and I want to race. I have been training very seriously (200 miles/wk road, 2 hours track, 20 miles running, 3 hours weights).

Prior to this year, I was in the weight room 4 hour and ran 30 miles a week. I am in good shape (180 lbs, 8%body fat, 345lbs squat, I can run a 10K in 39 minutes).

Here is the problem: I suck at cycling! I can't keep up with the guys I ride with even though they have bellies that hang over thier pants. My 200 meter time at the track is a very slow 15.5 sec. But my old and fat freinds blow me away with 200 times less than 13 seconds!

How long will it take me to be competetive? Months? Years? Never? :)

Thanks, Dave
Get a cycling coachjtolleson
Apr 28, 2002 11:24 AM
My guess is it isn't power or fitness per se, but technique. I'm also guessing pedal speed issues (congrats on the squat, but that isn't the most cycling friendly way to use the weight room).

Get your set up right, work on your pedal speed, and get someone to give you some good interval and personal TT work.

Competitive racing? May never happen. But chances are you can improve enough for Cat 5 fun, especially given your dedication.
I think so too.Spoke Wrench
Apr 29, 2002 5:17 AM
You're doing an awful lot of training not to be at least competant. My guess is that a decent coach will have you getting better results while doing less and having way more fun.
Developing the muscle memory and specific technique thatbill
Apr 29, 2002 8:36 AM
makes you efficient takes years -- I say this because of the improvements I see in myself over years.
For you, though, have you considered whether you are overtraining? Although running and cycling really have very little in common other than your cardiovascular system, I can't believe that constantly stressing your legs, with nary a break, could be good for your speed. And, starting out pursuing cycling by doing 200 mi week, well, I find it hard to believe that you possibly could be doing that work well. I'll bet you would improve greatly by cutting your miles in half but doing focussed workouts.
Get Friel's Cycling Bible. A lot in there doesn't make sense to a new guy, even a very serious new guy, but you need to learn about specificity of training, particular components to the sport (aerobic and anaerobic, flats vs. hills, steady rolling vs. sprinting, etc.) and RECOVERY.