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Giant TCR sizing again please(7 posts)

Giant TCR sizing again pleasejjdbike
Apr 28, 2002 6:30 AM
The TCR areo fits my needs well.I want to do some road endurance work & some time trials. I have been reading how important sizing is for a road bike. I am a MTB'r & this will be my first road bike. It only comes in sm, med, & lg. I am 5' 7 3/4" w/a 29 1/2" inseam. My raceing weight is 140 lbs. The med seems a bit big for me. The seat post is as far down as it can go and I would prefer it to go down further to keep my stroke in to the strong part of my hams for TT. I also really like to be compact, it feel mre powerful. I know that the aero seat post comes in several different sizes & I could get one that goes futher down, but the frame is supposed to be "compact". It dosen't feel that way to me.This med is suppesed to be a 50 but the fit formulas say I should ride a 52, yet the med still feels big. This could be my lack of road bike experience. My MTB frame is a small, my friends say its too small but it works great for me. I can move it around underneath of me on technicle trails & I can whip it around tight snakey single track. Any advice form you seasoned roadies? By the way, I NEED to minimise my expence (due to the fact that I am working my way through college), so what is a good deal for the Giant TCR Aero, it lists for $1599? If I had a bigger budget I would buy the Cerevelo Solo. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!!
re: Giant TCR sizing again pleaseweiwentg
Apr 28, 2002 11:26 AM
shouldn't your LBS be advising you on this? the size M frame does NOT correspond to a 50cm road frame. the actual top tube may be 50, but the 'virtual' top tube is most assuredly NOT 50cm.
my friend is 6 feet tall and rides a medium frame. you might fit onto the small frame - you are 1.5 inches taller than I am, and I ride a small. you'd need at least a 120mm stem.
the TCR Aero has (this is going by the specs on Giant's website) a 3 lb frame, and the regular TCRs weigh in at 2.4 pounds or so. if you're mainly a triathlete, or you're mainly doing time trials, this is fine, but you may wish to consider the regular TCR frame. if your bike store is willing, you have them switch the components over from the TCR Aero.
Apr 28, 2002 3:09 PM
They make a good road bike for a really nice price. With that said, they only have three sizes, and you just can't everyone with three sizes. If it doesn't fit, it is not a deal.

Apr 28, 2002 5:41 PM
Alot of people that bash Giant for "only making three sizes" haven't been properly fitted at the LBS for them. There are 7 seat tubes and stem sizes between 80 and 130mm to fit the rider. The phylosophy is that what is most important is the angle and distances between the BB, seat, and handlebar, and everything else inbetween doesn't matter that much as long as it gets that job done. I've ridden a TCR-2 a few times from different shops and you have to communicate to get the fit you want, but you shouldn't find any trouble.
Apr 30, 2002 2:29 AM
I haved worked in a shop, and know many shop owners and managers. If you get any of them to be honest with you, they will tell you there is no way you can fit everyone with three sizes. Now, I'm not saying 30% of the people looking for a Giant road bike won't be able to ride one. But, there is a small percentage who, no matter how many stem and seat tube adjustments you make, will not fit on a Giant when they would fit on traditional road frames.
are you sure about your inseam??????????????????????JohnG
Apr 29, 2002 6:08 AM
That # sounds WAY to short for someone of your height.

If your #'s are correct the medium should be perfect. I.e. you have a VERRRRRRRRY long torso so you should fit the longer TT of the medium. You won't have a problem with standover with this frame.

I'd check your inseam #'s before proceding.

are you sure about your inseam??????????????????????jjdbike
Apr 29, 2002 12:36 PM
Thanks for all of your input. If nothing else, you have reassured me about TCR frame quality/value. As for John, to tell you the truth I never though of having short legs/long torso. I'm built so narrow (stickboy) that perhaps it isn't so noticable. I thought that the medium should fit me, but as I said, it felt long and a bit tall. I suppose I need to get to a retailer that has both medium and small in stock that is willing to help me fit it corectly. In my relitive poverty, I tend to get kind of cheap, out of necsecity. But I don't think this would be a wise move to price shop, but instead go for service and reputaition. I also agree w/ the other post. I didn't know that there was that much of a weight penalty for the Aero tubes. Although any racing on that bike willbe TT, the majority of my riding will be endurance training for MTB. I live in South Eastern PA, Chester County which is all rolling hills. In competion have to use my light weight to my advantage and really work the hills. I do not have enough power for a smokin sprint. I would probably be better served by lighter than more aero. Now I need to find a good dealer w/ some in stock. I am streatching for the 0 and considering the 1. The difference is 105 vs ultegra. Does anyone else have anthing that I should consider?
Thanks so much. I am totaly inexperienced in the roadbike end of things and can't afford to make a poor decision.