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Please help with opinion on this bike(12 posts)

Please help with opinion on this bikeavitar
Apr 27, 2002 3:42 PM
I am being offered a really great great deal on this bike...

The components and wheels are very good, no. It will be my first serious bike. I know nothing and can find nothing about this frame. I know Mongoose is really known for MTB's. It is for 50+ milers, and general hard core exersize in parks, not on city streets and not racing, but want a good realiable bike. I am more towards a mix of abit of comfort than just a pure racing bike.
Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
Looks like a nice bike.Quack
Apr 27, 2002 6:33 PM
Sensible components and nice wheels. I personally haven't ridden an aluminum bike with carbon seatstays but combined with the fork, the jarring common in stiff aluminum should be reduced. If it's a good deal, I'd buy it.

Com'mon ...chime in here.....avitar
Apr 28, 2002 4:51 PM
So far there have been 102 views to my post, and only ONE reply? I only have a few days to decide.
re: Please help with opinion on this bikeMP
Apr 28, 2002 4:57 PM
I'm curious about the frame. It is identical to a Scattante Airplane (made in Taiwan). Go to to compare prices. I bought a used Scattante frame last winter and put some of my old Ultegra components on it. It rides quite nice for a relatively inexpensive bike. You might also test ride a Giant TCR 1 or a Trek 2300. Good luck and good riding. Any of these will be nice bikes.
re: Please help with opinion on this bikeweiwentg
Apr 29, 2002 12:14 PM
well.... it's not quite identical. this one's a semi-compact, and I think the Scattante Airplane is standard geometery. both use Airplane tubing from Columbus, which is very light (my friend has a Scat. Airplane). if it fits, it should work out.
re: Please help with opinion on this bikeMP
Apr 29, 2002 3:47 PM
No, the Scattante is a compact design frame. I'm quite sure it is the exact same frame as the Mongoose with a different label.
re: Please help with opinion on this bikeNessism
Apr 28, 2002 5:31 PM
Sounds like a nice bike. How much?
re: Please help with opinion on this bikeMP
Apr 29, 2002 7:20 AM
Another thought from MP. The aluminum and the carbon on the Scattante frame appear to be good quality. However, the welds are sloppy. Not that they are weak, they just don't take a lot of time with them, which is one reason the cost is fairly low.
Ok, here's my opinion:look271
Apr 29, 2002 5:26 PM
Looks like a nice bike with good components and wheels. How much? If you are leaning more towards comfort, though, I'd maybe look at a steel, ti, or carbon frame (Look especially). The carbon seatstays may help the ride, but I've also heard that this is basically just a marketing gimmick-it doesn't help that much. Columbus Airplane tubing and the Ksyrium wheels are good stuff.
Think you guys are rightavitar
Apr 29, 2002 7:06 PM
It sure seems identical to the Scattante Airplane frame (fork and seat stays too). I have not finished putting it together (no pedals - will go to buy tomorrow). still has the bubble wrap over most of the frame, but I got on the scale with it.. its about 17lbs.
I appreciate your input, I cannot wait to ride it. Going to try to get a LBS to finish fitting and to check my assembly of it and it to me and buy some pedals. The seat seems pretty cool too, tho I cannot find the exact model online for sale to use as a reference, its a Selle San Marco
Think you guys are rightMP
Apr 30, 2002 7:40 AM
The bike is outfitted very nicely. I bought my Scattante frame for a winter bike and enjoyed it very much the past few months. My Ultegra components are older and I have stock Mavic Open 20 wheels. Yours is going to ride very nice with those Ksyriums. Good riding.
Think you guys are rightCDH
May 7, 2002 3:44 PM
I'm also interested in this bike and would appreciate your inputs. Where did you purchase the Mongoose? How much? What are your riding impressions? I'd very much appreciate a reply. Thanks!