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Another what-about-this-bike inquiry (Klein)(5 posts)

Another what-about-this-bike inquiry (Klein)mwood
Apr 27, 2002 10:37 AM
I have the opportunity to buy a very slightly used 2001 Klein Quantum Race at what I think is a very attractive price. It is equipped with the Ultegra triple group (I've been planning on going to a triple and my old Cannondale doesn't justify the expenditure) along with some upgrades in the stem/bar/seatpost areas (he got rid of the ICON stuff, I guess).
Anyhow, the questions:
1. Does anyone ride the Quantum frame and have any thoughts/opinions to share?
2. One of the reasons I'm ready to retire the Cannondale is because it beats me up too much (it is an old 2.8 series). Is the Klein much better?
3. What do you think would be a fair price?
I like mine...DINOSAUR
Apr 27, 2002 5:04 PM
I have a '99 Klein Quantum race. Love this bike. I've tweaked it and messed with so many times that it finally fits like a fine pair of gloves. I swapped out the stock Icon stem, Pave saddle and tried a zillion tires and finally settled on the Michelin Hi Lites Prestiges. I found that changing to a ti railed saddle dampened out the ride a little bit. At first I thought it was a tad too rigid for my tastes but part of it was my old body adjusting to a road bike.

Did the 2001 model come with Rolf wheels? I've had so-so luck with the Vector Comps. The rear lasted about 15K until it fractured. I had to replace it with a different color rim as opposed to the front. Since Trek dropped Rolf, replacement rims will be hard to find.

I wouldn't know where to start on a price. I saw one for sale in the newspapers, 2001 QR for $1400. Sacramento area. Probably a good price.

For info I am currently buying a new bike, I would have gone with another Klein but it doesn't make sense to own 2 al bikes. I love to have one of the new QP-Carbons.

Klein is a good company, now owned by Trek, but I've had email inquires sent back by Gary Klein himself.

You might want to give it a test ride if possible, but make it at least a ten miler so you get an idea.
I like mine...R-I-D-E
Apr 27, 2002 7:58 PM
I agree with Dino. Kleins are great bikes and if you can find one in great shape for a great deal, jump on it. Of course, be sure that it fits.

And don't believe the hype that all aluminum frames are harsh riding. Well made ones like a Klein, will ride quite well. I'm not saying that they will ride like ti, but as Dino suggests, with the propper choice in saddle, stem, and even tires, you can smooth out the ride to any level you like.

I just picked up a high end aluminum rig and have yet to experience the so-called harsh aluminum ride. All I have encountered is a super light bike, that climbs like crazy and doesn't beat me up. A winner.

Go for it!

Thanks for the feedbackmwood
Apr 27, 2002 8:02 PM
I think this bike has the Bontrager wheelset, I'll know tomorrow when I check it out.
I'm just curious if I'm going in the wrong direction with another aluminum framed bike...I guess it will all become clear when I ride it!
I think I can get it for somewhere around $1000.
Thanks for the feedbackDINOSAUR
Apr 27, 2002 9:42 PM
1K is a good price. Make sure it fits...