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Litespeed Vortex or Merckx Team SC?(6 posts)

Litespeed Vortex or Merckx Team SC?Rik
Apr 27, 2002 10:11 AM
Currently riding a LS Ultimate and KG 281. I'm a road racer, not a crit specialist so the Ultimate is really overkill, and a bit too stiff and aggressive for me. I know the Vortex and the Team SC are two very different bikes but both would appear to meet my needs. Frame geometries are pretty similar in my 54-55 cm size, price on a 2001 LS is pretty close to that of the Merckx so... any opinions?
The Merckx is a really nice bikeLazywriter
Apr 27, 2002 10:47 AM
but I have an issue personally with paying that much for an aluminum frame (scandium). Ti will be more durable and rideable for many years as opposed to an aluminum or scandium frame. One site even says that this frame is not for a heavier rider which implies that even if you aren't heavier, its overall fatigue life and strength is compromised due to the use of ultralight tubing.
However, this bike get awesome reviews for ride quality. So if durability is not an issue go for it. But the Vortex will give you all the same level road feel with guaranteed durability. I doubt if the Merckx gives a lifetime warranty on that frame. I didn't see any information about that. The bottom bracket height is low on the Merckx as well but if you are not a crit rider then it shouldnt matter as much.
The Vortex is comfortable but pretty stiff. I have the 2002 and am very happy with it. The geometry gives you comfort but has a shorter wheelbase than other LS except the Ultimate. It will be a big bump up on the comfort scale than your Ultimate but will last you longer than the Merckx.
Both bikes are awesome but if you can get the Vortex for same price I would get that. Bare ti has no maintenance.
The Merckx is a really nice bikegtx
Apr 27, 2002 12:43 PM
hey, nice post Lazy. I pretty much agree with you on this one. I personally have issues, period, with spending that much on any frame--AL or ti--but then again if I had that kind of $$$ to throw around, I don't think long term durability would be a huge issue for me. The longer c-stays, lower bb, and more fork rake will add up to a pretty different feel on the Merckx than most bikes. I would test ride the Merckx (pretty much any will do--doesn't have to be a Team SC) to see if the geometry works for you. I think the 2001 Vortex geometry may be identical to the Tuscany geometry but I'm not sure--I think LS might have tweaked on the Vortex geometry for 2002 with a slightly steeper HTA to make it more agressive. I recycle all my old Colorado Cyclists so I don't know for sure.
re: Litespeed Vortex or Merckx Team SC?legs
Apr 27, 2002 1:10 PM
I just rode one last week.. and it was one of the most dialed in feeling bikes i have ever ridden and i have no idea why..
either its the geometry or the carbon over wrapped chainstays.. I dunno.. maybe its the low bottom bracket..
it was incredibly responsive and comfortable..

it has a 2 year warranty...
I generally prefer other materials over aluminum.. but..
I am now thinking o fbuying one..
(I hate the paint and I like buying from local builders.. but... you gotta ride one.. it is exceptional)
CycleSport this month has Mercks Corsa 0.1Cactus1
Apr 27, 2002 5:42 PM
The geometry is the same as the team SC. The size reviewed is a 54. The upshot is that the reviewer loves the handling of the Merckx. It supposedly is "dialed" like no other.

Since you have carbon and ti, you may as well go for AL and see what it is like. If you like the geometry, you can always get the corsa to replace your LS Ultimate frame for base training and save the team SC for race day.

re: Litespeed Vortex or Merckx Team SC?yummy
Apr 28, 2002 4:20 AM
I've ridden a Litespeed for many years. Wonderful bike...would certainly love to have the Vortex. I ended up buying a Merckx Team SC. It could be that my body just happens to fit the bike's geometry well, but it's the best bike I've ever ridden. A friend has been riding a custom steel rig...rode the Merckx...bought one a week later...his cousin, owns 2 steel and one ti, rode the Merckx...bought one too.'ll probably get bored with either before you reach their fatigue life. I know big guys riding some seriously old Aluminun Treks and Cannondales with no concerns.

Buy the bike that inspires you to ride.