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okay everybody, fill me in on the deal with leg shaving(12 posts)

okay everybody, fill me in on the deal with leg shavingnyedid
Apr 26, 2002 8:21 PM
I'm a 20-year old male newbie cyclist without plans to shave my legs just yet. i'm just really curious. is it mostly aesthetic? out of tradition? functional? the other thing i'm quite curious about is how far up most of you guys who shave go...i'm quite hairy and wouldn't know how far up to go were i to decide to shave.
re: okay everybody, fill me in on the deal with leg shavingR-I-D-E
Apr 26, 2002 10:08 PM
The answers to your questions are: Yes, yes, and yes.

For me, aesthetically speaking, my legs look much better shaved. I have hairy and skinny legs, and shaving them shows what muscle definition I have. I have also had more than a few ladies tell me that they like it. That alone is worth it!

Functionally speaking, the whole aero thing is overrated. Shaving your legs probably doesn't do much for aerodynamics, but it does do a lot for road rash. I crashed bad one time in my non-shaving days and it was not pretty. Being hairy really made cleaning the wound hard to deal with and bandaging it was no picnic either. They also say that being hairy makes road rash worse as the hair pulls more skin. It can also cause infection as the healing process takes place.

And finally, yes tradition is part of it too. A small part perhaps, but nonetheless a part.

Ditto, ditto, and dittommquest
Apr 27, 2002 7:58 AM
especially on the note about the ladies!

One other little thing I have noticed is that riding with hairy legs tickles a little bit. I don't shave in the winter and sometimes you get caught out by good weather in the spring. I know that, whenever this happens, my legs are always a litte irritated when I get back.

As far as how far to definitely want to go far enough that you will not be able to see the line of hair in any pair of shorts that you own. Personally, I shave just about everything that is on my legs, but no more.
how far to go (part II)nyedid
Apr 27, 2002 8:37 AM
okay, so i'm very hairy. butt and all. i don't want to look like i have a pair of hair shorts on, you know? so i'm wondering what to do.
how far to go (part II)mmquest
Apr 27, 2002 11:28 AM
First off, let me just say that that may be a case of a little too much information ;)

To be honest, I cannot really give you an answer that bc I don't have that issue. It would probably be best without all that hair due to the road rash issue, but 2 thoughts:

1. shaving the back of your thighs is a pain in the ass (no pun intended) and I wouldn't want to think about going any higher
2. in grown hairs and the general itchiness you get when the hair starts to grow in would be exceedingly uncomfortable on your butt

My guess is that I probably wouldn't shave that high. But, in short, above your pant line it really becomes more of a aesthetic/comfort issue than anything practical.
I would nevergrandemamou
Apr 27, 2002 5:20 AM
shave my legs. I do however suffer from Follicular Insufficiency of the legs. Results in the absence of hair on my lower extremities. It is a common ailment for many cyclists. Body builders and swimmers seem to have it worse. It aflicts their entire body.
I would nevergarhead
Apr 27, 2002 1:56 PM
You guys are MEN right??? Right???
With my experience...YoungRcR
Apr 27, 2002 2:48 PM
Im a teenager and i go to high school and i shave my legs. I get a few questions every once in a while but the ladies love it. I have girls rubbin my legs all the time and askin to see my muscles, its great. It can be a pain shaving so much, but i think it looks cool and makes u feel faster for some reason. And anything u can do to make the ladies happy... do it.
I would nevermmquest
Apr 28, 2002 3:48 PM
You are a CYCLIST right??? Right???
re: okay everybody, fill me in on the deal with leg shavingIAM
Apr 27, 2002 4:50 PM
I don't shave although I will admit I like the look. I am hairy (not the missing link ) and wondered about sitting around the pool with a hairy belly and chest. I also think that arm hair would have to go if the leg hair is gone so I would just have to bathe in Neet.

Having played slo-pitch for many years I have to wonder about the benefits regarding road rash. Just how many times a summer are you guys crashing? I used to play in three leagues plus tournaments and spent many a summer with scabbed legs from sliding. I just don't think any cyclist crashes that much, and if you are maybe you need to look for another sport.

Anyway to each his/her own and even though I will admit that I like the look I won't be shaving.
Shave to the cheeks in back, and don't touch the inner thighs.Quack
Apr 27, 2002 6:21 PM
I think shaving is mostly a matter of social pressure. Road rash is a valid concern but I haven't crashed out yet on asphalt in 15 years and don't plan to. Shaving does accentuate muscle definition which looks really cool tanned up and sweaty. You can opt to shave the inside of the thighs, but if you don't stay on top of the growth daily, your thighs will be grinding against each other and possibly poking you in the sack and unit(very uncomfortable).

Enjoy the women rubbing your legs!
Apr 27, 2002 7:23 PM
I'm an 18 year-old Asian male. I never had to shave my legs in my life. I don't have too much hair. From about 2 meters away, you'll think I waxed my legs. Then again, I don't have a mustache or beard either. Damn, I need get some testostrone going here, I really need bigger muscles. Some human growth hormone would be nice too. I'm only frigging 5'8-9" (9 is for the morning).
Any advice on this?