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Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?(9 posts)

Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?Jekyll
Apr 25, 2002 8:28 PM
I guess these replace the Axial Pro (which have been very good to me) for 02. Supposedly better puncture resistance, etc...
Anyone try these yet? How do they roll/stick? What is the recommended pressure? Anyone have them long enough to comment on wear?
re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?Me Dot Org
Apr 25, 2002 9:28 PM
From what I can gather from Michelin's North American Site, Pro Race tires will be an addition, not a replacement of Axial Pros.

Haven't ridden the Pro Race tires yet. I like Axial Pros, although the penalty for their sticky tread seems to be a lot of early nicks and cuts.
re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?R-I-D-E
Apr 25, 2002 9:40 PM
I have about 200 miles on my new set of Pro Race tires. I also ran Axial Pros all last year, so I can compare the two. I love the Races to this point. They handle every bit as well as the Axials, ride quite nice, and true to what Michelin claims, they are less prone to puncture. My Axial Pros would cut on virtually every ride. My new tires have yet to get as much as a nick.

So in my opinion, they are a definite improvement over the Axial Pros (which are still being offered), and are now one of, if not my favorite tire.

re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?firstrax
Apr 26, 2002 4:42 AM
I also have about 200 miles on a set. Too soon to tell about puncture resistance but they roll nice.
Same as Axial ProsDougSloan
Apr 26, 2002 5:27 AM
To me, they seem just like Axial Pros. I had 2 flats under 500 miles and ditched them.
re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?carbonlover
Apr 26, 2002 5:53 AM
I've got over 1,000 miles on my Pro Races'. No punctures. Still plenty of rubber. I run 130 psi in them. I'm very pleased with their performance.
re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?robbz27
Apr 26, 2002 6:39 AM
I've got around 250 on mine. I absolutely love them. Recommended them to all my friends. THe ride is so much more supple than Axial Pros, ridden at the same pressure. Smooths out the ride unbelievably, no nicks or cuts, and no flats yet.

Get em!
Only 150 milesCrankist
Apr 26, 2002 7:34 AM
The front had a warrantee issue; poorly molded interior caused sidewall bubbles. This has been rectified.
The ride IS slightly more supple than APs, and they stick every bit as well. Zero nicks or cuts after this
admittedly brief tryout. Pressure req'mt. is identical. And yes, the same mounting effort (OPs)
as APs, but no big deal. I requested a new header in the review section a few weeks ago.
re: Michelin Pro Race tires.... Anyone try them yet?LC
Apr 26, 2002 9:26 AM
I have a set on my race bike and only 3 races on them, but they seem to grip well on dry pavement. First time out on wet roads and my rear slide out, but it could have been a oil slick or something, have not really wanted to race on wet roads much to test it further. My rear tire already has a small cut, so they seem just like axial pros as far as cuts go.

Recommended pressure is 87 min / 116 max psi.