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I'm itching for a cycling road trip(3 posts)

I'm itching for a cycling road tripmickey-mac
Apr 25, 2002 7:18 PM
So, this morning on the way to work, I see two guys in about a '64 gold Cadillac towing an Airstream trailer. They've got two nice road bikes on the roof rack. It's a beautiful sunny spring day and they're headed south on the freeway, I imagine for some great riding along the coast. They look like they've got the stereo cranking, and they don't have a care in the world. My imagination is running wild, and I'm picturing the epic rides these guys are doing on their road trip. I'd love to grab a riding-buddy, load up the car with tents, sleeping bags, food, and beer, and head out for the great unknown with bikes on the roof. It's not likely to happen any time soon, but I can always dream. Now, if I can only talk my wife into a vintage Caddy and an Airstream.
if I can only talk my wife into a vintage Caddy and an AirstreamSlipstream
Apr 26, 2002 4:31 AM may may want to "toy around" with the idea first...
Very nicemickey-mac
Apr 26, 2002 5:58 AM
Maybe I can order some of those scale-model road bikes they sell in the World Cycling Productions catalog and glue them on top of the woodie.