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I need training advice!!!(6 posts)

I need training advice!!!kushogun
Apr 25, 2002 5:10 PM
Hello people. Well, as I have struggled from the depths of winter hibernation, I have embarked within the last few (2) months on club rides... And I am finding out, that I am out of shape! I usually ride with big burly strong guys (I am 140lbs) who can muscle their way over rolling terrain and up large hills. The question I pose for you is this... I have been riding several times a week, usually around 19-24 miles/ride, maintaining speed around 25mph on the flats (which for me is fast). Well, like I said the big strong riders have no problem, but a light rider like myself struggles to leave anything in the tank after holding such a pace for miles at a time. I know I should increase my muscle mass to keep pace comfortably, but I want to do it the right way. Is it better to ride everyday??? I am usually fairly sore the following morning. I know I probably spend 20% of the rides around, if not in, my lactic threshold, which common intuition would say to stay off the bike the next day, unless you use the following day as recovery (135 heart rate ceiling.) Well for me to do that around this very windy part of the country would force me to ride around 13-14mph and I feel this gives me no benefit. Please people help me so that I may begin racing in beginner Cat 5 races by the end of the summer. Thanks for all the advice!!!!
re: I am glad you askedcyclopathic
Apr 25, 2002 5:33 PM
you'd probably benefit from structured approach. Get Joe Friel "Cycling bible", it has enough information to get started.

with respect to your question it takes 48-72hrs to recover from hard effort, there's no benefit of doing same hard workout 2 days in the row
If you're maintaining 25 mph on flats solo "in this windybill
Apr 25, 2002 6:46 PM
part of the country," I'd say you're doing okay, just over an hour for a 40K TT, which is an extremely respectable benchmark that I do not believe that I could accomplish even with a lot more training on a bet. That's plenty good for Cat 5's around here, from what I've seen (with a race averaging 25 -- that's with drafting).
Big burly guys usually struggle uphill -- upper body mass is a waste of flesh on a climb.
Are you inhabiting a parallel universe?
If you're maintaining 25 mph on flats solo "in this windykushogun
Apr 25, 2002 7:00 PM
I live in Kansas. Ride both around the Lawrence and Kansas City area. Unsurprisingly windy, but surprisingly hilly in the right places... I just feel so spent after only 20-25 miles... On perfectly flats with drafting i'm around 25mph... up hills (moderate, but long) I can only sustain 15.5-17 mph... it's frustrating!
Ride lots!cyclequip
Apr 26, 2002 1:28 AM
The core of any cyclist's ability is TITS - time in the saddle. Forget 'how fast' for now, do some 'how long' and you'll eventually discover what really counts - 'how soon' - as you alluded to in terms of recovery. Cycling fitness is really about recovery - that comes from years of TITS, not something you're going to pick up in a season.
Heard this slow riding in wind crap before.Len J
Apr 26, 2002 4:48 AM
Aerobic, Base miles are designed to increase your endurance & aerobic capacity & to build a large aerobic base that you can build larger stresses on later. The best way to do this is by long riding in Zone 2 (82% to 88% of your LT HR). as such SPEED DOESN'T MATTER when you are doing Base miles. If the wind is blowing it doesn't matter if you are doing these miles at 7 MPH, it is more important what kind of effort (as measured by your HR) that your body is under. You "feel this gives me no benefit", I am familiar with this feeling, but after doing around 1500 miles of Aerobic riding this year, I can tell you that it is amazing how much it does for you. I am now riding consistantly at higher speeds at this zone 2 then when I started. In other words, at the same level of effort, my body is more effecient.

I agree tht you need to get a training book or a coach and learn how to build speed-endurance.