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Joys of having more than one ride(3 posts)

Joys of having more than one rideeschelon
Apr 25, 2002 6:04 AM
I recently bought a ti bike this year and things have been great. It is so much smoother over the road...kind of like riding a Caddie with sports car handling. Unfortunately, my aluminum rig essentially became my indoor trainer rig.

But by chance yesterday, I was not able to ride my ti rig...and so I had no choice but to ride my aluminum rig to get my ride in last night. The difference was most apparent after 10 minutes of riding this thing. It wasn't a bad kind of was just different. The ride quality was much more "environment tuned"...meaning I wasn't insulated from the pavement surface like I was with the ti bike. If you've ever ridden in a Vette, you know what I tend to feel every bump in the road...a Vette definitly does not ride like a Caddie. This rough ride quality was refreshing. I had fun doing my easy 40 miles. And as a result, I am going to ride this aluminum bike more often...albeit probably not as often as the ti rig. As mentioned in the earlier threads, I must have contracted this insidious sickness that many of my brethren have contracted in this forum...I simply cannot bear the thought of selling my extra bike...but would rather keep it for sentimental reasons.
re: Joys of having more than one ridedasho
Apr 25, 2002 8:54 AM
Like you, I bought a second bike a few months ago thinking I would sell the original but have since decided to keep both. It's good to have a backup and also fun to compare the ride characteristics etc. I learned it can be difficult to sell a bike, especially if you like it.
I like my backup bike so much I bought another frame 4 itbianchi boy
Apr 25, 2002 7:53 PM
My backup is a 17-yr old steel Bianchi that I had planned to sell when I got a new bike last summer. Now I'm glad I kept it because I always have something to ride, like when my main ride is in the shop. I also ride the backup when it's raining or if I just feel like a change of pace. I just recently bought a Merckx frame that should fit me better than the Bianchi, so I'm swapping all the gear to the Merckx and the Bianchi will finally be put out to the pasture. A sad day. Lots of good memories on that old frame, which still looks beautiful in celeste green. People ask me about it all the time when I'm out riding -- something about that color.