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Cheap way to ship a bike to Germany?(2 posts)

Cheap way to ship a bike to Germany?DT
Apr 24, 2002 7:37 PM
Help!! I'm moving to Germany this August (thank God for the Air Force!) and I have a problem. My household itmes are being packed up and shipped in the middle of May so I can have my stuff waiting for me in August when I get there. I don't want to send my bike with that shipment because I'm headed to Dallas for 3 weeks in June and am drooling at the prospects of large group rides for the first time in two years (I'm now stationed in Mississippi...4 guys here is a freakin' peloton!) I know I can take my bike with me on the plane when I fly to Germany in August, but I'm going to have my 6 month old daughter with me, my wife, and two cats (don't even get me started on that one!!) I just checked the UPS website, and they want $330 to ship it!! Anyone have any other ideas? PLEASE HELP!! I WILL NOT GO THREE MONTHS WITHOUT MY BIKE!!!! Thanks!
re: Cheap way to ship a bike to Germany?Spuden
Apr 25, 2002 4:43 AM
Don't worry should be bo problem.. I recently came back from Germany (was there for three awesome years). I assume you have a sponsor there at your base, so you can either have them set up your APO mailbox over there or just ship your bike to your sponsor. As long as its under 70 pounds you can ship it by US Postal Service and priority mail it will arrive in a week or so...should cost you about $40-60 depending on the weight when all is said and done...Make sure that you verify the box size you will package it in will fit the post office dimensions...but it should..i had many items shipped to me when I was over there.