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I think Litespeed reads this board because(17 posts)

I think Litespeed reads this board becauseLazywriter
Apr 24, 2002 6:26 PM
their new ad for the Vortex in May's Cyclesport Magazine says it all. For those who haven't seen it, it is a picture of a Lotto Adecco voodoo doll with pins in it. The caption reads "When only one team gets to ride the titanium bike of choice peleton envy can get out of hand.
It is obviously tongue and cheek, but it almost seems like they are aware of the ridiculous bashing and perceived contempt and hatred people on this and other boards have for their bikes.
Please don't tell me that I flame and therefore cause all of the ridiculousness that ensues because it happened way before I started to chime in.
The cover of this magazine also has a Lotto rider on that beautiful machine. In advance, you can all kiss my A$$.
People bash litespeed here?firstrax
Apr 24, 2002 6:46 PM
you should go back to posting under different namesgtx
Apr 24, 2002 7:22 PM
because this is boring.
Apr 24, 2002 7:33 PM
Oh O.K., DadLazywriter
Apr 24, 2002 7:47 PM
you are the end all be all and therefore everyone must listen to you. I know I am not Sh#$ and cannot play with the "big boys" like you. How incredibly queer and corny that statement is, so don't repeat it. It gives me an image of you wearing a bad polyester suit with a wicked comb-over. LOL
Have you started running the View-o-Meter yet?mickey-mac
Apr 24, 2002 7:59 PM
BTW, saying "tongue and cheek" is just funny.
Say what you want, but one thing I am is honestLazywriter
Apr 24, 2002 8:18 PM
and contrary to the assumption that I keep hitting view to pump up the amount of views on a given thread is even crazy to me.
I may have nothing else to do at times, but I wouldn't even sit at my pc doing that. It never even occured to me until someone mentioned it and I am not sure if it even works if I still have the cookie in memory.
Anyway, how are you Mickey-macstalker???? Are you hiring a private detective to rummage through my garbage to get the dirt on me??? Isn't the dirt obvious???
Went out for a nice 30 mile ride after work today on my LITESPEED. My LITESPEED Vortex rode about 30% stiffer than my LITESPEED Classic. Then I came home and picked up my mail to see that the LITESPEED Vortex was on the cover of Cyclesport magazine. Man those LITESPEEDS are nice bikes. LITESPEED had a funny ad about the Lotto team riding LITESPEEDS. Those people at LITESPEED have some sense of humor. My LITESPEED is way too much bike for me though as I am a total fred and poseur. I wish I could play with the big boys like xxll and Mickey-mac but I cannot pedal my LITESPEED as fast as you two oily bohunks. Wow, if you had a LITESPEED you would be so fast you would be like an animal on the road, maybe cheetah fast. I really I could garner your approval because it is 12:30am here and I cannot sleep knowing you don't like me. But at least I have my LITESPEEDS to keep me company. :(
Apr 25, 2002 1:17 PM
I'm sure he's reloaded the thread a number of times already LOLGST
Apr 24, 2002 8:21 PM
I no longer bash Litespeeds...guido
Apr 24, 2002 8:11 PM
Since last Sunday. For once, the snot-nosed punks on their Litespeeds didn't drop me on the 35 mile club ride. They're probably more out of shape than I am, at the moment, since I've been riding to work, and they haven't. In fact, they even allowed me a few pulls.

The bottom line: it's not what you ride, but how you ride it. The rest is personal taste, riding style, and pretense. That's okay. It keeps the wheels of commerce turning. It feeds the competitive nature of the sport.
This thread is about Lazywriter NOT LitespeedNessism
Apr 25, 2002 5:10 AM
I generally follow most of the threads on this board with topics related to frames. While it is true that some don't care for Litespeed, it seems that the percentage that DO like them is higher than most other brands.

The problem here is that Mr. Lazywriter takes it personel whenever someone vocalizes a dislike for them. Discussions regarding the technical merits of the frames are quickly degenerated into name calling tirades if a poster states an opinion contrary to his.

And, my pet peeve, he spreads poor imformation and/or rumors regarding the technical merits of the frames themselves. A few that come to mind include how 6/4 Ti is stiffer than 3/2.5, how the Classic model of today is similar to the Ultimate of old, and most receintly how Eddy Merckx branded Ti frames were pure Litespeeds devoid of Merckx's personel influence related to tube shapes, ect.

The sad thing is that Lazywriter does have personel experience with Litespeed products and he could share this knowledge with the board to the betterment of the collective. But he is so off the wall with his tirades that he has next to no credibility. Sad.

re: I think Litespeed reads this board becauseMikeC
Apr 25, 2002 5:26 AM
I met a guy yesterday evening returning from a club ride. He lives in our development.
We spent some time talking about each other's rides...his Litespeed Ultimate and my Odonata.
Boy, we got along great! He loved my bike, and I told him I felt the same about his. We talked about the area we both lived in fifteen years ago, and mutual racing acquaintances.
It felt good to talk to someone about bikes and riding, with no bashing or chips on anyone's shoulders. We both just loved the same thing: cycling.
I don't think that most cyclists have anything but respect for Litespeeds. Litespeed's worst problem seems to be that a few of their riders aren't very good ambassadors.
who pi$$ed on his cereal this morning? and that early!(nm)merckx56
Apr 25, 2002 6:16 AM
Apr 25, 2002 6:36 PM
...are the best bikes in the whole wide world.
Tirider, yet anotherLazywriter
Apr 25, 2002 6:47 PM
one to bump up on my douchebag list. Hey prick, I remember your arrogant a$$. How your overpriced, overrated, overhyped Seven. You know, they are really crappy frames and no better than a cheap Mongoose Ti frame and would be crazy to buy another one. I am being sarcastic, Seven is a fine bike, but that is the kinda responses I constantly hear when I answer a Litespeed thread.
Take care you pompous a$$.
This is sad...MikeBu
Apr 25, 2002 9:10 PM
Who cares what bike anyone else rides. Just ride it and have fun...
For the record, moron...tirider
Apr 26, 2002 9:58 PM
.... I own a Litespeed mountainbike... you just don't see me obsessing about one particular brand here over and over and over and over again... they're all just bicycles. Ride what makes you happy, we all just get tired of you defending frigg'in Litespeeds. It's like Christians trying to prove to everyone they meet that there is a God.