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Status report requested on our infirmed & recovering RBR(6 posts)

Status report requested on our infirmed & recovering RBRSlipstream
Apr 24, 2002 3:29 PM
brethren. You know who you are. How are you guys doing? How about an update on your progress?
glad you asked!!!weiwentg
Apr 24, 2002 5:59 PM
I am getting twitchy. very twitchy...
ok. I am off the painkillers. I have limited use of the right arm - can't put any sort of weight on it, but I can type. the incision does not hurt very much. my collarbone has a long steel plate and 9 screws in it - steel, not ti, hope it doesn't slow me down on the climbs :P - so while I could certainly knock it out of alignment, I would have to try pretty hard. the hip with the bruise is fine, the hip with the bone graft still hurts slightly. I should be on a stationary bike pretty soon.
next appointment is in 5 weeks, and I will then find out if I can ride or not. it is, unfortunately, not certain. the doctor over at the sports medicine center said it'll be more like 3 months, but the doc who did the operation said I could potentially be able to ride in 5 weeks. so, I'm hoping for the best.
aside from that, I'm going to take up cyclocross. eyeing the airborne carpe diem frame - I'd intended to get a Zeppelin as my next road ride, but it turned out that I got a TCR instead. I'll get the components when I go back to Singapore. then I'll come back, start training off road, and hopefully kick some butt at the local cross races in winter. after that, the improved bike handling skills and strength should serve me well on the road. plus I get a rain bike (will be sharing wheelsets with my road bike).
I will certainly be able to ride when I return in the fall term. the steel plate will have to come out in a year, since there is a possibility that I will break the collarbone again (sigh). but that's for later. I'll be staying in the collegiate Cs next year, and plan to do at least one B race near the end. by then, I should be able to get a few top 5s. I was having a pretty good season when I wasn't crashing into things, and I expect to have an even better one next term.
thanks for asking :)
Infirmed, recoveringElefantino
Apr 24, 2002 7:41 PM
Glad to hear you're off the painkillers, We. Life in the haze really sucks.

Me? Come-to-Jesus meeting with neurosurgeon postponed until next week, having another CT on Friday. But have been throwing myself into reconditioning therapy ... including squats on the lie-down "shuttle" machine. They're amazed at my leg strength after so much time off!

Also had minor (in operating room, but local anaesthetic) hand surgery last Friday. (Average heart rate during operation, about 48. "Do you exercise?" nurse asks.) Removal of a growth on my thumb. Awaiting biopsy results. Most likely nothing big, but it sure hurts. Eight stitches. Wimp. I had 70 on my face.

It's always something. For the money I spend on medical care, I should be an honorary member of the AMA.

Infirmed, recoveringweiwentg
Apr 24, 2002 8:03 PM
glad to hear you're doing OK, too. I'm pretty glad it was only my collarbone - could very well have been my hip or my neck. all the best with the recovery! hope you get back on the bike soon. all are great!rtolle
Apr 24, 2002 7:45 PM
After hernia surgery approximately 2 weeks ago (a day after weiwentg's surgery) I seem to be recovering well. The doctor said most people are off of their feet or at least taking it easy for a week or so. I really had a hard time with that so surgery was on Wednesday and I was out walking around on Friday. I did get bored and went to the pool about 5 days after surgery, just did a little walking in the water and light doctor didn't take to kindly to that and my body didn't either so I gave that up. I do you to Indiana University and last weekend was the famed "Little 500" weekend, this would've been my third year riding in the race so I was quite disappointed I couldn't participate. Since I couldn't ride we got 8 or 9 kegs and partied like rock stars. I'm now taking it easy as I go to see the doctor on Friday and will hopefully be released to start riding by next week. I just finished my last class of my college career and have 2 tests before graduation so I'm gonna have all of finals week to do nothing (please don't say STUDY!) so hopefully I'll get to start riding. Good luck to all out there in recoveryland and thanks for asking about us, it just made my day.
you're graduating this year? aargh, lucky bugger.... nmweiwentg
Apr 24, 2002 8:04 PM