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anyone have a Cannondale Road Warrior 700 (or 400)(5 posts)

anyone have a Cannondale Road Warrior 700 (or 400)Jay18
Apr 24, 2002 1:59 PM
I'm wondering if anyone has and can comment on the Cannondale Road Warrior 700 (or 400). I'm looking for a bike with a more "relaxed" (less bent over) geometry. I've ridden the 700 several times, and liked it. This would be my first road bike, so I would like some other opinions. There's only been one posted review of the 700, and that doesn't say much. If you have (or have ridden) one of these bikes, I'd like to hear from you.

Apr 24, 2002 2:18 PM
I've seen 'em at the LBS and they look alright for a "relaxed fit" bike. I think if you liked it then you should go for it.


You can probably approximate the same "feel" on alot of road bikes just by using a higher angle stem. This is really the most obvious difference in the Road Warrior line. Other than that it just appears to have a low standover compact-ish frame. There are plenty of frames with that as well.

Have you tried any touring bikes with a nice high stem set up? I'd urge you to do so, as you may want a less relaxed position later after you grow accustomed to road positioning. Those slack angles could come back to haunt you then. Just a big maybe. Not to be taken as the word of an expert by any means.


A. (What is your price range?)
Apr 25, 2002 12:23 PM
I've looked at a number of bikes of various types. The Road Warrior 700 is the only bike I've seen so far that seems to have what I want, out of the box (as opposed to needing modifications that may affect stability or performance). It's light-weight, compact, and designed for decent performance using a less aggressive riding position (in Cannondale's words). For the money, it should have 105 all around, instead of a mix of 105, Tiagra, and Cannondale house components, but that's Cannondale for you. I suspect it's very much of a niche bike, which is probably why there are not a lot of them on the road.

Incidentally, the age here is 61, so I'm probably not headed for anything more "aggressive" in the future. I want something that will be my steady ride until I have to go for a recumbent, or a three-wheel job with a basket on it.

Price range at this point is about $1000-1300.

Seal the deal.Ahimsa
Apr 25, 2002 6:11 PM
I think you should go ahead and buy it then. It sounds like it is what you want and within your range. I personally think Cannondale makes fine bikes (I have two) for my style of riding (pretty rough urban jaunts and high speed traffic sprinting).

As you know, it will be relatively inexpensive to get all 105. So....Hey, what's stoppin' ya? ; )

BTW, I checked out the parts mix on it and it isn't bad at all. Yeah, the cogs and front derailer are Tiagra and the brakes and crankset are Cannondale. I could see wanting all 105 though.

Still, I'd keep the Tiagra front Drlr as IMO a front derailer is a front derailer is a front derailer.

I'd probably keep the Cannon crankset too. They are pretty decent at that "expert" level (at least on par with 105).

Change the brakes out to 105. Same for the cogset and you'd be good to go, eh?

I'd love to hear how it works out for ya. Let me know.


A. (Those "expert" hubs are either Shimano or SRAM. Have a look at them while at the shop. SRAM are labeled on the seal and Shimano still prints their name on them despite Cannondale doing the same. I'd be curious as to the model.)
Seal the deal.Jay18
Apr 26, 2002 6:28 AM
Thanks for the reply. It's great to have such specific information. I will let you know what happens. I'm moving my business and we are renovating our house, so the new bike is not quite on the top burner yet. I'll be going to the NY bike show next Saturday (May 4) and will see if there's anything else I ought to consider. I hope to make a final decision soon after that.

Incidentally, I couldn't help but notice the screen name. I seem to remember from studying Eastern religions in college (c. 1960) that "ahimsa" has to do with the doctrine of not harming others or taking lives. Am I correct? If you want to e-mail me, please use my regular e-mail address ( rather than going through the discussion board.

thanks much,