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Yet another update on hadrcore math question below...(3 posts)

Yet another update on hadrcore math question below...floatch
Apr 24, 2002 5:10 AM
My LBS is staffed with a great bunch of guys who really know their stuff. The problem is that they're primarily a MTB store, so they don't have a lot of road stems to experiment with.
So, what we did yesterday was to root through a bunch of old dusty boxes in the back room (I love those boxes) of old beat up road bars. We found one with a 25.4 clamp size and a similar bend to my new carbon bars.
We then tried out a bunch of MTB stems, and determined that I need a 115 degree 90 mm stem to maintain my current reach and to raise the bars about an inch and a half (actually a little less).
I went for a quick spin around the block (with a MTB stem)and immediately realized a much better posture, no neck strain, and correct bend in my elbows. My quick spin turned into a 5 mile blast (in dress shoes and a tie), and when I got back to the shop, we ordered a new salsa stem. It will be a little heavier than what I'm using now, but I'll be much more comfortable, AND much more aero (believe it or not) because I will actually be able to use my drops now!
So, I wanted to thank everyone for their input and to put a close on this topic. Thanks again for all your help, and I think everyone deserves a pat on the back for helping a fellow cyclist get comfortable and faster! I can't wait until my stem comes in!
Thanks again, Floatch.
re: Yet another update on hadrcore math question below...DINOSAUR
Apr 24, 2002 8:04 AM
Good ending. I went through the same thing, although mine was more drawn out over a period of time. I beat myself to death doing research on the internet and I finally just called up my LBS and layed it on them and I dragged my bike down and it took about ten minutes to correct a problem I had been litterally knocking my head against a wall for about a year. Sometimes you LBS is your best resource. All the guys that work there ride bikes and can relate...
good solution ...tarwheel
Apr 24, 2002 9:27 AM
If your LBS has a good supply of stems, that's definitely the best option. Most will let you swap for a different size if you ride it for a while and it's the wrong size, assuming you don't beat it up. I worked out a comparable arrangement will Excelsports when I bought a bike from them last summer. I ordered about 5 different stems, tried them out for a week or so, and then returned the ones I didn't need. Got the one that fit just right -- also a Salsa 105 SUL.