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Ksyrium Elite's? yes, no, shake your head?(18 posts)

Ksyrium Elite's? yes, no, shake your head?sctri
Apr 23, 2002 6:04 PM
Are they race worthy, are they to be trained on?
what are these wheels really for? anyone know? anyone?

Reasoning: I am looking at a bike that comes equiped with these wheels, and i am wondering if they are just a glorified training wheel that i am going to want to upgrade down the road and not worth the extra expense over something more conventional like an open-pro set up...

Whats the word?

re: Ksyrium Elite's? yes, no, shake your head?TSlothrop
Apr 23, 2002 11:18 PM
I've been running a pair for a couple of months now and love them. I can't compare them to the SSC's, but against my previous CXP33 rims on 105 hubs, they have been really good. I'm sure, for high level racing you are better off with the SSC's, but they don't weigh that much more, and I think the hubs are the same. There is a definite improvement in aerodynamics and I still cannot belive they are perfectly true after the number of knocks I've given them.
Beware of Mavic's WarrantyPaul
Apr 24, 2002 3:11 AM
My friend who has ksyriums, broke a spoke under warranty, and Mavic wouldn't fix them. Claimed there was a nick on the spoke even though the spoke broke at the nipple. What BS!! Due to the low spoke count, the wheel was so out of true, it was unrideable. If you were to break a spoke on the Elite's, I'm sure you could still ride it.

I have Ksyriums, and haven't had any problems. I bought them used; and think the new ones are over-priced.

There's a lot ot be said about wheels such as the open pros which you can repair on the fly. These hi-tech, low weight, low spoke count wheels are really meant for racers, and not for the every day rider.
Elite are supposed to be for the not-so-elite riderssidley
Apr 24, 2002 6:18 AM
First, with regard to tehcnical aspects I admit that I am merely parroting information obtained from bike store guys and website (2 notoriously unreliable sources), however the Elites were designed to provide a race-worthy, low weight, slightly aero training wheel. Techies help me out here, but the elites are made in such a way as to allow repair whereas the SSC's are not, thereby making the elites suitable for training.

Second, I have been running a pair of elites for a couple weeks and I love them. They are sooooo much stiffer than my old CXP's but yet provide a smoother ride. Never having ridden SSC's, I cannot say how the elites compare but they suit me just fine.
Elite are supposed to be for the not-so-elite riderspmf1
Apr 24, 2002 6:34 AM
Aren't they the same thing except with steel rather than aluminium spokes and a cheaper hub?

I have an "old" pair of Ksyriums that I think are the same thing as what is now called the SSC. They've been good wheels. If I did break a spoke, I wouldn't expect Mavic to fix them for free. Just as I wouldn't expect a free fix for a set of wire wheels.
Elite are supposed to be for the not-so-elite ridersLigon
Apr 24, 2002 6:49 AM
The Elite's have the exact same FTS-L hub as the SSC. The Elite has stainless steel spokes and brass nipples vs. the SSC which has aluminum spokes and alloy nipples. Also, the Elite has exposed nipples which make spoke replacment just a little bit easier. For the front wheel the Elite's use 18 spokes with radial lacing just like the SSC, but on the rear wheel the Elite has a 2X spoke pattern on the
non-drive side and also on the drive side. The SSC has radial lacing on the drive side and 2x on the non-drive.
The only other difference in the two are the skewers that they give you.

Having said that, I have a pair of the Elite's and really like them. They are very stiff and to me the difference in weight really does not justify spending the extra $300 on the SSC. Of course, I did not have the extra money to buy the SSC's even if I really wanted to.

Hope this helps,
Should I replace the skewers?sidley
Apr 24, 2002 7:15 AM
Are the Elite skewers "boat anchors" as one poster described them a while back. My old wheels (CXP 21 w/ Ultegra hubs) felt lighter.
Doubt it's that bad, butdjg
Apr 24, 2002 8:09 AM
you can always toss them on a scale and see what you think. And remember that the skewers, as non-rotating weight at the center of the wheel, are the least problematic place to add weight on a wheel. If you think saving 50 or 60 grams here is gonna make you faster, then...well, let's just say that sounds optimistic. On the other hand, you can probably find some very light skewers on the cheap if you look around, so go wild if you want.
Should I replace the skewers?Ligon
Apr 24, 2002 5:28 PM
The skewers are boat anchors, but they are not poor quality, they work very well. I just happened to have a pair of Mavic Composite skewers on another set of wheels so I switched. I think the Mavic Composite skewers have a much crisper open and close feeling to them. Just my personal preference and opinion.

Elite are supposed to be for the not-so-elite riderspmf1
Apr 24, 2002 7:17 AM
I still see people selling "Mavic Ksyriums" for around $600 or less. I figure these are the "old" model which appear to be the high end versions these days.
high vs low end KsColnagoFE
Apr 24, 2002 8:07 AM
I believe the main difference between the "high end" and the standard or "old" ks is that they shave some of the rim off between spokes on the high end model to shave weight. not much difference if you ask me and the standard ones might be a better choice for heavier riders.
Not exactly.djg
Apr 24, 2002 8:21 AM
The rim (shaving) treatment is what chiefly differentiates this year's Ksyrium SSC SL wheels from last year's SSC--that's true. But the new line has 2 versions of the Ks, neither of which is last year's SSC. You can get the SLs or the Elites. The elites are similar to last year's wheels (and indeed to the SLs), but have different spokes, and spoking (and I think maybe skewers) from either SSC model--this year's or last years. Now you may also be right that the Elites are better for heavyweights--I don't know--but I don't think Mavic is saying one way or another and I don't know that there's all that much good experience going around on these rather new wheels to sort it out.
Huge difference!Qubeley
Apr 24, 2002 8:33 AM
I had a 2001 Cosmic elite, then switched to Ksyrium. I guess Ksyrium elite probably share the same hub with Cosmic elite.
Anyway, the biggest difference is hub. The Ksyrium hub is far more smooth and much more durable. I have had problems with the elite hub, they are definitely not great hubs.
Besides appearance, I do not consider the SSC and elite are similar at all. And weight difference, I lifted a Ksyrium elite the other day, man, they are heavy!
For the same price, I would definitely go with traditional wheels than low-end Mavic built wheels. The low-end Mavic in general are not good wheels.
Well, certainly some weight difference.djg
Apr 24, 2002 10:15 AM
But there's no "elite" hub per se. And both the Ksyrium Elites and the Ksyrium SSC SLs use the FTS hub/freehub (unlike your old cosmics).

This is off the Mavic web site ( on the elites:

- Weight :
700 clincher: Front 755g / Rear 960g in M10.
- Black anodized, Maxtal SUP welded rim.
- Fore drilling. UB Control braking surface.
- UB Control braking surface.
- Integrated freewheel hub with FTS-L system.
- Adjustable, removable, sealed cartridge bearings QRM.
- M10 or ED10 compatible freewheel.
- Stainless steel, aerodynamic, straight pull spokes with anti-rotation system and black coating.
- 18 front spokes, 20 rear spokes ;
- Screwed aluminum eyelets.
- Brass self blocking nipples.
- Radial front spokes, rear spokes with 2 cross pattern on each side.
- Delivered with Mavic quick release skewer, wrench for aerodynamic spoke maintenance, adjustment tool and chain-disc.
Apr 24, 2002 5:41 PM
What are you talking about? The Ksyrium Elite and the Cosmic Elite do not use the same hub. The Ksyrium Elite hub and the Ksyrium SSC SL hub are the exact same!! What exactly is a "low-end" Mavic built wheel? I have never experienced any problems with any of Mavics wheels, and I bet if you poll the board 90% of the people here have not had problems with Mavics "high" or "low" end wheels. There is about a 180 gram difference between the two, which is not that big of deal......please gimmie a break......

Apr 24, 2002 11:19 AM
Yeah, I now recall that the high end ones had the shaved rims. How many grams do you suppose they are able to shave off an aluminium rim? Maybe 20? Reminds me of when people used to drill holes in frames and components to make them lighter. Pretty dumb.
Should I replace the skewers?sidley
Apr 24, 2002 9:51 AM
Are the Elite skewers "boat anchors" as one poster described them a while back. My old wheels (CXP 21 w/ Ultegra hubs) felt lighter.
Thanks all, decision made, i think....sctri
Apr 24, 2002 9:03 PM
Thanks for the help and opinions... it has somewhat lead me to my decission.. I'm going for it, the new ride, and i cannot wait....
I am going from a 1999 giant ocr2 which i raced for 3 season... and is terribily ill-fitting..

To a devici with and ultegra/DA mix, the kysrisum elites and a PROPER FIT!!!

whoo.. i am gidy.. wont sleep, and will no doubt miss 3 days of work (at the worst possible time as I have to pay for the bike.. lol) to ride it.... cannot wait... after borrowing, begging, working and saving... should be excellent...

thanks again