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Tour 2002: Will it come down to who can time trial?(4 posts)

Tour 2002: Will it come down to who can time trial?Cactus1
Apr 23, 2002 5:41 PM
The Team Time Trial and 1 Individual Time Trial are before the high mountains. This is unlike the previous 2 tours.

If Ullrich doesn't have good form, then who can challenge Lance? The problem with many of the climbers is that only a few of them have teams that do well in the TTT. Plus climbers themselves usually don't time trial like Lance.

Prediction: Barring injury or sickness, who's going to time trial, team time trial and climb like Lance?

Prediction2: Lance wins the stage to Mont Ventoux in the Maillot Jaune to make up for 2000.

Shades of 1999 where Lance enters the mountains with the yellow jersey?

What do you guys think? Who are the challengers and what can they do in all the disciplines to take the tour?

re: Tour 2002: Will it come down to who can time trial?manofsteel
Apr 23, 2002 8:23 PM
It'll take a MIRACLE to beat Lance. This year's tour seems tailor made for him. And without Ullrich (in top form), there isn't another all-around rider to give Lance a legitimate challenge. However, there are riders who can challenge him in the time trial and in the mountains. David Millar can unseat him in the time trials but he'll need to be flawless. Tyler Hamilton could also challenge. As far as the mountain passes, Gibi (assuming Saeco is invited), Beloki (has conceded the tour to Lance), Sevilla (whom Lance thinks is the next tour champ) and Casagrande can all hang with Lance for at least one mountain stage. I also think Lance needs to look no further than his teammates for help up Mont Ventoux and the other climbs. Heras, Chechu, and Hugo Pena are already having strong seasons. Along with a revamped US contingent of riders, U.S Postal seems primed to take the TTT. I don't think there's a better team for the tour. Zabel should take the green jersey again.
re: Tour 2002: Will it come down to who can time trial?McAndrus
Apr 24, 2002 4:00 AM
The challengers? With Ullrich either out or off form then Simoni if Saeco is in the Tour -can- be a threat, but will he? Kivilev might surprise.

And there are those who can best Lance in a time trial (Millar?) or on a mountain but no one except Ullrich who has both skills at the necessary level.

TdF 2002 looks to me like TdF 1994 and 1995. The question then was who was 2nd and 3rd to Indurain. The question now is who is 2nd and 3rd to Armstrong.
re: more like climb vs TTcyclopathic
Apr 24, 2002 2:42 PM
'02 tour course has more climbing then '01. This probably puts Ulrich out of picture anyways since he can't out TT or outclimb Lance. Kivelev no chance whatsoever.

But there're better climbers then Lance. Simoni, Pantani, maybe JaJa (though I don't think he has a chance). More important Mapei may show up with the team to beat Lance. THey've signed up a few good MTBers like Evans and Martinez (his climbing index is 1.8lbs/inch vs Lance with his "unofficial" 145lbs is more like 2.1).

There will be noone to challenge Lance in TT for sure. So if one to beat Lance it will happen in mountains. Lance may enter mountains in Yellow but he may leave mountains without it. It will all depend on who shows up.

Prediction2: one who wins Mont Ventoux will win tour 8-P