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My first race is in an hour!(5 posts)

My first race is in an hour!Qubeley
Apr 23, 2002 1:33 PM
My first race is in an hour! And it's 50 degree, sun is setting. I just ate, pee.
I just can't decide what to wear!
Shorts? too chilly; Knickers? Maybe.
Just short-sleeve, I don't want to be cold in the race.
Short-sleeve jersey w/arm warmer and vest? too messy
windbreaker? Wind is going to slow me down.
long-sleeve? too hot.
Clear lense for glasses? The sun is still here.
Smoke black? Well, the sun is settling pretty quick.
My dilemma goes on and on, tough choices!
My eyes are itching, nose sort of stuffed, thanks to the pollen, and I am feeling a little sleepy too. Is this I was expecting so eagerly for the past two weeks? I'll see what happens. Is my watch stopped!?
Why are you here?!?! Let us know the outcome - good luck! nmrideslikeagirl
Apr 23, 2002 1:45 PM
50 degrees, sun setting= knickers & arm warmers, clear lensesTig
Apr 23, 2002 1:53 PM
If you are still here to read this, get going! Unless the race is 1 mile from where you are, you are already late. One of the keys to a good race, even if pre-registered, is to get there early and warm up.

Good luck!!!
I am back, now that was a short race.Qubeley
Apr 23, 2002 5:03 PM
So, finally I went out with knickers, arm warmer and vest.
I knew I ate too much. I got there, registared, then sat on the bench, and I am feeling my stomach, oh man, the pizza.
And the weather, it's cold, it's windy. Great weather for little rider like me with 0% body fat. Man, I was cold.
It's the first race of the season, a lot of newbies were there(they sold a lot of one day licenses). The officals decided to make the race easy, so 10 miles, 20 laps(not a crit, just road race around course). Maybe because of that, the race was pretty fast, no winter slacker here. It's my fourth race altogether, and I am still not used to drafting, so I run parallel to the group half of the time. Knowing my ability, I tried to stay in the front the whole time, the wind made it a little harder. My legs were not in their happy mood, I felt a little tired after 10 laps, but so seemed everybody else. A moment of slow riding gave me the recovery I needed. There's this one guy that's obvious above our level, and he led the races for 90% of the time, often times solo, and eventually took the most aggressive rider prize($5) and miss the final contention(he was out by then, obviously he's not here to win, but to test).
The final sprint really isn't much of a sprint as I imagined. It's more like everybody DRAG their butt to the line with whatever little energy they have left. My legs were out by then, I couldn't even get out of the saddle, I could feel the surge of acid in my legs. But always being a gear masher, I kept pushing, and held my little 7th place, not too bad for my first placing, only if I had a little bit of kick left...I am happy, sort of. Talking about gear masher, man I am a bad one, among all the people who are of my level, I seem to have the lowest cadence, and I am the skinny type! definitely the wrong combination, I am getting a fixie. The guy who won is a guy I ride with, knowing his background, I would be surprised if he didn't win. I will be back next week!
Good job - maybe skip the pizza next time, huh? ;-) (nm)rideslikeagirl
Apr 24, 2002 9:05 AM