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I hate humble pie...and it's p**sing me off!(2 posts)

I hate humble pie...and it's p**sing me off!eschelon
Apr 23, 2002 1:14 PM
I just started racing last year and started training/riding last year. I figured after total miles ridden last year around 5000 miles, and some high placings in cat 5 races, I was ready to play with the big boys this year.

You find out as you enter race after race, you tend to see the same faces all the time...these people definitely love racing and are motivated to their best at each race...for sure. These people you remember are usually the ones who do very well...because I can't really think of anyone that sucks...except this one dude...he's a real trooper...dead last all the time...or dropped but he keeps on trying...lots of courage.

Anyway, it's 2002 and the season is coming on fast. I see the same faces from last year...but they are absolutely incredible...they are so fast...and they are winning the B races...while I absolutely suck at the B races.

Maybe these guys that I remember from my races have been racing a lot longer than it a coincidence that I shared the podium with them last year only towards the latter half of the season?...because I was hanging on for dear life in the first half of the season.

Maybe there are many mitigating circumstances on why these guys are so much stronger than me...maybe my endless boring, miserable miles I road during the cold of winter and night and rain isn't for naught. Maybe I still am on track...maybe I haven't made any mistakes in my training. There are a million reasons why these guys are so much stronger than I right now...but this doesn't provide me with any's totally p**sing me off...I hate looking at my deficiencies and acknowledging them.

I've never known any sport that can be so cruel and yet be so rewarding.
"I've never known any sport that can be so cruel..."Ahimsa
Apr 23, 2002 3:31 PM
"...and yet be so rewarding."

How about love?