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Specialized Allez Series(3 posts)

Specialized Allez Seriescrazydave
Apr 23, 2002 11:59 AM
I read a lot of reviews of the 2000 Allez series and everybody said the spokes break very easily. I might be getting a 2001 Allez Sport but I couldn't find any reviews on it. Do the 2001s break like the 2000s?

Thanks! David
re: Specialized Allez Seriesmixinbeatz
Apr 23, 2002 1:25 PM
In my experience most stock machine built wheels will have a limited lifetime. I have never had good luck with wheels that I have bought on a stock bike. This includes a set of bianchi wheels as well as some cheap MA-3 mavics. The funny thing, is that I replaced the MA-3's with a handbuilt set of MA_3's (by yours truly) and have had no problems in 5000 miles. Breaking spokes is usually a symptom of poorly tensioned spokes, which happens sometimes with machine built wheels. Don't expect to get a ton of miles off of your stock wheels but you may be surprized if you do. I would just keep $200 bucks in the bank, so if your wheels do go, you can replace them with some handbuilt ultegra with open pro's.
re: Specialized Allez SeriesBruno
Apr 23, 2002 2:15 PM
It should be ok by now. The 2000 Allez used 15 gage spokes on the front and rear. After about 800 miles the rear ones started to break. I got mine replaced under warranty with 14 gage spokes and never had a problem since.