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Anyone from the Nashville, TN area?(7 posts)

Anyone from the Nashville, TN area?Nessism
Apr 23, 2002 5:58 AM
Looking at a possible job transfer to Nashville and was wondering how bike friendly the area is: condition of roads, do the roads have a shoulder, are drivers friendly, local clubs, ect.?

Thanks for the input.

re: Anyone from the Nashville, TN area?JS Haiku Shop
Apr 23, 2002 6:39 AM
nashville is only 200 miles from knoxville, from memphis, and from louisville (KY), 130 miles from chattanooga, and 250 miles from hotlanta (GA). i am not a nashvillian, but i pass through there several times per year. if you're into music (not just country), nashville attracts a great deal of entertainment. my wife and i have driven to nashville *many* times in the past for concerts. we considered moving, but the logistics and timing were wrong.

some resources (this should get you started):

need more info or a direct contact with nashville recreational cyclists, or competitive racers, just drop me a line and i'll connect ya:
re: Anyone from the Nashville, TN area?ALBikeGuy
Apr 23, 2002 9:07 AM
I'm about 90 minutes South of Nashville. But know a little about the riding up there.

If your looking for info on commuting, I can't help you, but will give some general info.

As far as road conditions: If your talking about outside the city? The surrounding areas have some very nice roads and as with any place you'll find some bad roads. I'm normally riding on backroads so there are no shoulders to speak of there. The Natchez Trace is great for riding. I've never had any problem with drivers up there, but I'm not riding in the city during commute times either!

The main club in Nashville is the Harpeth Bicycling Club, most of their riding starts from Franklin (just South of Nashville). They put on a good Century (there are several in that area that I attend).

There's a very active racing community in the Nashville area as well.
re: Anyone from the Nashville, TN area?root down
Apr 23, 2002 10:15 AM
There is some great riding south of Nashville in Williamson county. There is also a large park (Percy Warner Park) in Belle Meade (due west of downtown) that is a poular cycling spot. There is a 13 mile loop with climbs (you can also do shorter loops), very little traffic, and it's wooded almost the enitre route. I have not ridden much north of Nashville, but do know there is some good riding. There are some good bike shops (Cumberland Transit, Bike Pedlar, Allanti Cycles, Nashville Bike Company, Sun and Ski Sports, REI, The Bikers Choice and if racing is your forte, there are three teams in the area:

Trinity Sports Group (VeloClips/Sun and Ski Sports Cycling Team)

Back Yard Burgers Cycling

Lighting cycles racing (mostly masters)

Bike Pedlar

Trinity Sports Group (VeloClips/Sun and Ski Sports Cycling Team)

The Harpeth Bike Clup is a large, active cycling club in the Nashville area.

Nashville is also hosting the USCF National Time Trial Championship, USCF Elite Nationals Road Race, and the U.S. Military National Championships (info on )

Also, check out the Tennessee Bike Racing Association's web site at TN has a state road and mountain bike series. There is also a list of teams/clubs throughout the state on their website.

Nashville is also only 2.5 hrs from Chattanooga, which has some great road and mountainbiking (, ). Plus, the mountains of NC are just a little further east, with more great riding, rafting, and kayaking.

To answer your question, it's a good place to be a cyclist. It has the pitfalls of any largish city (traffic) but you can get outside the city easily and have access to some great riding on good roads.
Come to Williamson CountyDoubleK
Apr 23, 2002 4:07 PM

If you come, and you should, make sure you move to Williamson County (i.e. Franklin, Spring Hill) where I live now. I grew up riding in Orange County, CA and this place blows that polluted mass of humanity away, seriously, no comparison. We have some of the best back roads I have ever seen for cycling. There are no shoulders on most of the roads I ride and I can only think of two bike lanes that I have ever seen here but usually the drivers won't buzz you and are courteous.

As far as clubs, if you like to cruise along and consider yourself a "social" cyclist then the Harpeth Bicycle Club is for you. If you like to hammer your fellow riders into submission just for the fun of it, then there are some groups for that. I ride with Lightning Cycles and we have a good core group of about 20 guys and gals that get together often for group hammerfests and some races. The other poster was correct that most of us are masters although I am not. The terrain is peppered with short hills or 'bergs as I like to think of them so you really develop a lot of power as you train over them. There is nothing flat here, you must go West for that.

Anyway, good luck with the transfer.
Thanks to all for the great informationNessism
Apr 23, 2002 5:39 PM
I'm hoping to know more regarding the possible transfer in a few weeks. Spent more than a few years in the LA area myself and that is one of the other transfers possibilities. At any rate, thanks for the info.

Apr 24, 2002 4:51 AM
I liked Nashville so much I got married there. Actually my wife is from there... We can't wait to move back.