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surpirsed by a test ride(1 post)

surpirsed by a test ridelegs
Apr 22, 2002 9:34 PM
I have been methodically testing frames.. I was going to just buy a (whatever.. i am leaving the model out so as not to start a flame war)..
the point is there are 2 bikes that have caught me off guard..
the Colnago c-40 is is such a rocket.. filled with personality and... it left me speechless...
if i were to have a rig for racing only.. it would be a c-40... it rode like a steel bike but unlike any steel bike..

and the Merckx SC is the most dialed in bike in terms of geometry i have ever ridden..

my world is rocked by both of these bikes..
if you have the chance to test them.. you must..
and i wanna say this.. all these opinions about which bike is better.. are nonsense.. it is entirely subjective and there are too many variables to make unequivacle statements about any frame,
I rode a ct-1 today and i wasnt impressed.. but its a great frame..
and i put some time in on an Odonata..
it was no less a racing frame than the Merckx and the c-40..

you owe it to yourself to try these rigs...