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Giant VS Cannondale(15 posts)

Giant VS CannondaleADKBiker
Apr 22, 2002 10:40 AM
Ok, I want to know what is the deal with Cannondale bikes and Giant bikes. Cannondales are so expensive and you can't get a Cannondale with complete Ultegra groupo under $1800. Umh a little expensive!!! There are so many other bikes out there that cost much less, are made in the USA, and have Ultegra groupo. I was interested in the Cannondale but I feel that you are not really getting a good deal.

The Giant are pretty well equipped and are much less in price. I know they are not made in the USA but the quality is just as good. But there are so many other bikes out there that give you a great groupo and wheel set for less then a Cannondale. Maybe I'm missing something. If anyone can give your opinion? I do like that Cannodale like the R900 but man its pricey for what you are getting! Thanks
re: Giant VS CannondaleBreakfast
Apr 22, 2002 12:51 PM
I know several of my friends who are obsessed with the Cannondale name (and also, Litespeed) that they can't see the forest for the trees. There are lots of brands, Giant is a fine choice if you don't insist upon owning a Cannondale. Look at the component mix, Giant is known for good parts selections. Ride them then choose, don't go in with strong attachments to brands until you've had experience with the brand/company.
Apr 22, 2002 4:08 PM
Cdale has lifetime and Giant 5years
re: Giant VS CannondaleLC
Apr 22, 2002 5:07 PM
Giant would not even replace a 3 year old frame I had bought new, from one of their authorized dealers, with a failure that was obviously caused by poor manufacturing.

I never had a problem with my cannondale, but if I did I bet I would receive better service.
re: Giant VS Cannondalechrisbaby
Apr 23, 2002 8:46 AM
I had a problem with my c'dale and had lousy service. the area rep tried to convince my dealer that the tire had worn out the aluminum chain stay. Explain to me how rubber can break through Aluminum.
Giant WarrantiesTonyR
Apr 22, 2002 6:56 PM
I riding buddy had a crack develop at the top tube/seat tube junction of his Giant frame within weeks of initial purchase. It took them nearly one year, and a basket full of excuses to get a new frame out of them. We won't even talk about last year's fork recall. I simply wouldn't trust them after what I've seen.

Having said this others do swear by them, and they are reasonably priced. Remember that you get what you pay for though, and there's a reason for the warranty difference. Also take note that as the spec sheets climb toward the Dura-Ace or Record region, the gap between the 'Dal and the Giant closes to zero. At that price point you should be looking for a custom frame.

One last note, with Giant, you have to be sold on the compact frame concept, but if that's the case there may be other places to look.

Giant replaced my mtb frame VERY quickly........... nmJohnG
Apr 23, 2002 5:28 AM
To be SpecificTonyR
Apr 23, 2002 12:18 PM
My friend's Giant developed it's frame crack within a month after purchase. Clearly it was defective frame. He returned it to his LBS, who quickly got in touch with their Giant rep. (we were both in the shop when they called him). The guy came in the following week(3-5 day later) to look at the bike, and said it would be replaced. Wait, wait, wait. After a few weeks, friend goes back to LBS, and is told there is a problem, as Giant no longer has frame (a lower end compact) in stock, and won't for a period of months. The LBS had the same bike in stock, so he suggested that Giant simply buy the bike back from the LBS, and give it to him. Giant would have no part of it. 7-8 months later, the new version of the frame finally came in, and they put his old components on it. No apology or any other compensation! Thankfully he had an old steel frame that he rode in the meantime. I can't believe that he still rides the darned Giant, though I think he wanted to get his money's worth out of it after all his trouble.

The fork situation was handled better, but come on now, a defective frame and fork in the span of 18 months. Count me out when it comes to Giant.

Now if you think that Giant is alone in this regard, you're wrong. I know of another person who's Pinarello cracked a matter of days of going off warranty. They wouldn't even talk to the guy about helping him out.

For all their faults, American companies do take customer relations much more seriously than foreign ones. It's probably the best reason I can find to support domestic products.

re: Giant VS Cannondalepa rider
Apr 23, 2002 3:13 AM
get the Cannondale. I got the cadd4 R600 last year and replaced the Coda brand parts. I haven't seen any bike that came with wheels that I didn't have to have relaced. The 105 is a good group and I upgrade to Ultegra when I need new parts.

Raleigh are good bikes like giant for specs on high groups on their bikes, but the frames ride rough after one year. My point is that the frame for cannondale are great, but their cutting corners on in house parts to meet a price.

Cannondale has once or twice a year where you can bring in a huffy or any frame and purchase their frame (Cadd4 or Cadd5 depends on which model they want to clear their inventory). I've done this with a MTB once and it cost me $400. I think the road frames didn't get above $500.

Never heard Giant or Raleigh ever having this deal. I did own a raleigh three years ago and won't buy another cheap bike becuase of get a good deal on the group. The frame got harsher each year I rode it. This is my second year with my Cannondale and figure it should last 25k miles before it gets harsh, where my raleigh had that ride charistics of harshness at 8k.

Hope this helps.

Owned BOTH and tossed the................JohnG
Apr 23, 2002 5:26 AM
Owned a Dale cadd 5 for about 1K miles and tossed it like a dirty rag. What a lifeless ugly ride. It's a very good race bike but that's it.

The TCR I've got now is a LOT nicer. Relatively smooth ride for an Al frame. Light, quick, reasonable handling. Don't get me wrong, the TCR is not ultra comfy but I've put 150 mile days in on it and I didn't need surgury afterwards.

I don't know anything about the component groups or costs of these bikes so I can't comment on that.

If you are stuck between these two bikes then I'd recommend the TCR.

Owned BOTH and tossed the................Chaz_cycles
Apr 23, 2002 8:55 AM
I don't know why you think it would be a good race bike but not a nice bike to ride normally. I have ridden my Cannondale on rides up to the Furnace Creek 508 and it was wonderful(as wonderful as you can get on that miserable ride). I also owned a Giant and that is the bike that stays in the house all the time. My ride time is split between a Salsa LaRaza(before QBP) and my Cannondale. The Cannondale was bought to ride in the rain but it just liked how it rode so I ride it on sunny days too now. I admit it is all up to you try both and pick the one you like. Everyone is diffrent.
UR da mancyclopathic
Apr 23, 2002 10:18 AM
508 with herniated disk? you're da man.. if I ever go to 508 I'd bring my FS mnt bike
Too dumb to know ant betterChaz_cycles
Apr 23, 2002 3:50 PM
Some of us are just to dumb to know when enough is enough. I had back surgery on 23March02(micro diskectomy) and was told today I can ride again. The doctor just said nothing too hard so I am stuck with the family funrides for awhile.
Be patient and look aroundUncle Tim
Apr 23, 2002 5:50 AM
Sometimes I get so frustrated by what people post in these fora.

You cannot find an Ultegra equipped Cannondale for less than $1800??? I use three question marks because I know of two people I ride with (one being my older brother) who found full Ultegra Cannondale R1000's for around $1200. They bought these babies in the middle of last season and were brand new holdovers from the 1999 model year. Of course, they are not CAAD5 or CAAD6, which you can expect to pay good money for, but they are very good bicycles and the riders are very pleased with them.

Best of all, these C-dales have the traditional geometry. Those compact frames have a rather aggressive geometry that is good for climbing and crit racing, but I really question its comfort factor on long rides.

If you are bargain hunting, then take your time and and spy around the LBS. When you stop in to get a tube, look at all the bikes and keep an eye on the ones that aren't moving. If you see a bike from the previous model year - or maybe even the one before that - watch the price go down over time and maybe even tell them you are kinda sorta interested. They want to sell bikes even though they may not get the profit they had hoped for.

One more thing: I do not know that Giant quality is on par with that of C-dale.

I am all for saving money, but there is no excuse for being cheap. Purchase a bike that is good enough to keep bike envy out of your head for a number of years. The worst thing you can do is buy a bike and then regret the purchase a short time later.
re: Giant VS CannondaleKen
Apr 23, 2002 8:31 AM
I live in Taiwan. I have a warrenty issue with one of their products and emailed their sales rep. I recieved a reply by email a couple of days later with details on how to contact their service departmant by telephone or by email which would take care of any warrenty issues. When I tried calling them you can never get a human being to answer the phone. It's all automated. I got the total runaround. Now I'm trying email. No reply yet. From my personal experience I'd say F*#K Giant. They can keep it. I also own a T800 C'dale. Emailed their service department about squeaking wheel noises. I got a comprehensive reply on how to fix it within 48 hours. Remember you get what you pay for.