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Nude bike rider gives Bend quite a spectacle(11 posts)

Nude bike rider gives Bend quite a spectacleSlipstream
Apr 22, 2002 9:55 AM
Nude bike rider gives Bend quite a spectacle

A Bend woman took her bike for a ride on Tuesday
evening and not much else.

The 26-year-old nude bike rider caused quite a
stir among drivers and pedestrians leaving
Downtown Bend about 5 p.m.

"I saw her whole body in my rear view mirror, and
I thought, boy, that person"s clothes are the same
color as her skin," said Julie Zeidman, who was
waiting at a red light at the intersection of
Greenwood Avenue and Bond Street. "Then I
turned around and saw her bottom and knew she
was naked.

The rider was described by eyewitnesses as a
brunette, about 5 feet 4 inches tall, 130 pounds
with nothing on more than red cowboy boots and
a knit hat.

Bend Police officer Mike Hartman contacted Terri
Sue Webb near her home in the downtown area
after a caller reported her to Deschutes County

"She was very friendly," Hartman said. "She said
she was just trying to celebrate life and did not
mean to offend anybody."

Hartman said the woman went to her residence
and put a skirt on after he arrived but then came
back out of the home without a top.

Hartman said he charged her with no wrongdoing
since no one filed a formal complaint. He did
advise her that if she caused traffic problems
again, he would arrest her.

It was not her first brush with the law. On July 18,
Webb was cited for disorderly conduct by Bend
police for taking a ride in the buff in the same pair
of red cowboy boots near Drake Park. Hartman
said she nearly caused some traffic accidents that
day as drivers diverted their eyes from the road.

According to the indictment against her, Webb, 26,
caused the public inconvenience, annoyance and
alarm by obstructing vehicular traffic on Brooks
Street. She pleaded not guilty last week and is set
to go to trial on Nov. 7.

Webb could not be reached for comment.

"I don"t believe it is a good charge," said her
attorney Alana Brenneman. "It's not a disorderly
conduct. Her actions did not cause the public
inconvenience, annoyance or alarm. Regardless of
her First Amendment rights, her actions do not fit
that statutory definition.

"She obviously believes in what she is doing,"
Brenneman said. "It's an expression of speech for
her." However, the attorney was not sure what her
client was trying to say.

"I've had to defend a disorderly conduct before,"
she said. "The facts in this one are a little more
unusual. But that has no bearing on the strength
of this case."

Jenifer Diener said she saw Webb riding her bike
while trying to cross Oregon Street behind the
Deschutes County Justice Building.

"The first thing I thought was no way," the court
clerk said. "I said, 'Oh my God, she really is' and
my mouth dropped open, and I had this
incredulous look on my face and that even made
her grin more. Then it crossed my mind, could I
ever do that" It's got to be this sense of freedom
you enjoy for a short period of time.

"I don"t think I could do it,"
But was her bike equipped w/ Campy or Shimano?MisJG
Apr 22, 2002 10:21 AM
Were those cowboy boots SPD compatible? We need to know the answers to the really important questions! (LOL)
what about the saddle? any embroidery on it? nmcolker
Apr 22, 2002 1:02 PM
Maybe she was on a photo shoot for the new CC catalog. . .MisJG
Apr 22, 2002 10:26 AM
26 yrs old, 5"4", 130 lbs. . . Whatever she's trying to say I wish she'd say it in MY neighborhood!!

Ok, I'll try to stop now

No. . .wait. . .one more. . . No HELMET?! Is she INSANE!! That knit cap will never afford any real impact protection!

Ok, I'm good. breathe. . . deep breaths. . .
Ok, one more. . . Photo Caption Contest #10? Please?MisJG
Apr 22, 2002 10:33 AM
Stop me before I joke again!!!
Why? You're on a roll! (NM)mikebikr
Apr 22, 2002 10:43 AM
Whoa: It gets even better -take a look at this.Slipstream
Apr 22, 2002 12:48 PM
b Pastor with same name mistaken for nude cyclist

Bend, Ore. (AP) -- Pastor Terry Webb never had a problem with his name until another Terri Webb decided to wear nothing but a pair of red boots to a court hearing earlier this month.

Terri Sue Webb, 26, was arrested for riding her bicycle nude through downtown Bend. She was sentenced to a year's probation for contempt.

The judge gave her a chance to dress, then ordered police to arrest her for contempt. Terri Sue Webb was sentenced to a year of supervised probation and ordered to go for psychiatric tests.

Within a few days, 36-year-old Terry Layne Webb, a pastor at the Calvary of Cascades Church, was getting phone calls from amused fans as far away as Virginia and Canada.

Some wanted to know where Terri Webb lived. Some left messages supportive of Webb's freedom to be naked in public. All were disappointed when they realized they called the wrong person, Pastor Webb said.

"We don't have any idea who she is or any interest in getting these people in contact with her," he said.
Terri's courtroom appearanceSlipstream
Apr 22, 2002 1:26 PM
hmm, let me see: attorney-left; Terri-right

can't see the boot, darn! ;>)
Getting Bent? ;-)grzy
Apr 22, 2002 1:50 PM
Hey, Berkeley had the "naked guy" for quite some time.

I guess if she'd been paid to take her clothes off and there was a photo shoot then everything would've been OK.
What? No HELMET!?? Whatta poseur ...Humma Hah
Apr 22, 2002 3:52 PM
... can we see her pose?

This brings up all kinds of interesting aerodynamic questions. I imagine there's another place she could shave to reduce air resistance ...

There are many women I'd complain about if seen nude in public. However, I can understand a lack of complaints about a fit female cyclist.
My kind of skinsuit! -NMTig
Apr 22, 2002 4:24 PM