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First race, first century(3 posts)

First race, first centuryTanks
Apr 21, 2002 7:10 PM
I had a good week. First, the race. Okay, it was really only a time trial. But, it was my first organized bike event. It was an up-hill time trial to be exact. I show up and discover that I am not only over-wieght, I'm obese (6'/172). I asked my buddy, "hey, when do the fat guys show up". His response, "their are no fat guys doing up hill time trials".

We lined up and went out one at a time, every minute. At precisely 15 min into my ride the young lady who started just behind me blew past (tough for a former Marine to take. But, I got over this "girl beating guy" thing pretty quick). All in all, I got crushed. Still, I managed to beat about 1/3 of the folks there and had a great time.

Next, the century. I had never ridden more than 65 miles so I was a little concerned about the distance. The course was the Natchez Trace Pkwy and was well organized. They had rest stops about every 10 miles and the people were great. At the turn around I joined a group of riders working a pace line (another first for me). It was very helpful, as we had a head-wind all the way back. We finished in 5hrs,59sec., including rest stops. I think my backside was more tired than my legs. Time for a new saddle.

Sorry for the long post.
re: First race, first centuryChaz_cycles
Apr 21, 2002 8:41 PM
Glad to hear you had a good time. Keep it up and you will get better. As for being obese I wish I had your problem I am 6'/210 but still can ride pretty well. Not uphill nearly as well as when I was 180 but I still do well on a normal ride or a nice flat time trial. I also manage to get quite a few skinny riders who will suck my wheel when the wind blows. I ride because I love and and that is enough.
re: First race, first centuryALBikeGuy
Apr 22, 2002 4:14 AM
Congrats on both the race and the Century

From your description of the Century ride, I assume it was the one in Jackson/Ridgeland. My wife and I did that ride last year. We too, thought that it was well organized. The lower section around the lake is very nice. We would have like to do it again this year, but it was quite a trip for us last year.

...And like you this year, we had to face a stiff wind on the return trip. But great post ride meal.