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Things I was reminded of today...(16 posts)

Things I was reminded of today...mwood
Apr 21, 2002 3:41 PM
1. Friends who claim to only be interested in a "relaxing" training ride will try to mash you at the very first opportunity
2. Most cyclists over the age of 50 sport facial hair, typically full beards (the men that is...)
3. Just when you have passed a good number of other riders up the long mountain road (and are starting to feel cocky), some kid will blow by you, on the pedals and in the big ring
4. He will be followed by some guy who looks to be 50 lbs. overweight, riding a mountain bike
5. The number of insects in the air on said mountain road is inversely related to your speed: the slower you go, the more there are
6. There is some type of perverse, if genuine, pride in having the oldest, most technologically deprived, beater-bike at the summit of that same mountain road.
7. It is possible to ride into a headwind on both legs of an out and back.
8. Flats only occur when you are completely unprepared (too obvious)
9. Rent-a-Cops in residential areas DO take stop signs literally.
10. You always have the energy for one more good push, when within sight of home!
How true! How true! lolAllisonHayes
Apr 21, 2002 4:29 PM
I don't get #9--can these guys ticket you?
you very wise/funny :-) NmSpirito
Apr 21, 2002 4:50 PM
The Wind Godsterry b
Apr 21, 2002 4:51 PM
I make deals with the Wind Gods on every ride - "I'll take the headwind on the way out if you give me a tailwind on the way back." Not a chance, as Gods go - they're perverse. Sometimes though they throw me a bone and let the return wind be off angle so it's not directly in my face.
bahhh!!! to the wind gods - i make my own :-0 NmSpirito
Apr 21, 2002 4:59 PM
be carefulterry b
Apr 21, 2002 5:50 PM
they don't take disrespect lightly.
Remember.........Len J
Apr 21, 2002 6:08 PM
a hard ride into the wind today =

*Physically stronger rider tomorrow &

*Mentally stronger rider forever.

Yea I know it still sucks, (Or does it Blow?) but if instead of despising it you embrace it, it can teach you many things (Kinda like a long hard hill climb).

I guess some people are wind fighters & some people are climbers and some people are not. Where I live, if you don't ride into the wind, you don't ride. (I.m sure there are some people in areas with hills that feel the same way).

Next time into the wind, look at it as your (mental) training partner, see what happens.

They're differentRay Sachs
Apr 22, 2002 4:08 AM
We have hills and enough windy days. I love riding up hills. I HATE riding into headwinds (strong ones anyway - I'm ok through the 10-15 mph range). I'll climb all day, get into a groove and really enjoy it. I've never enjoyed even one second of a headwind. I can't tell you why one is fun and the other is torture (they're both clearly good exersizes in mental discipline), but that's the way it feels to me.

They're differentLen J
Apr 22, 2002 4:35 AM
I was that way when I moved down here. Loved Hills Hated headwinds. Foe me I found out that it was 80% attitude. Days when I would go out with a "Damn I hope there's no wind" attitude, would suck. Days where I said "Good, a headwind" weren't that bad.

I think they can be demoralizing because: a) there is no "Top of the hill". If you're 30 miles from home, you know you have 30 miles of wind, and b) the noise can wear you down.

When I climb a tough hill, I always feel a sense of accomplishment, I never felt this riding into th wind until I saw the wind as something to overcome. Now if I'm doing a 50 mile ride starting out into a 20 MPH wind, I look at it as a 25 mile hill, I get my cadence & heartrate in the right place and remind myself how good a workout it is & how much fun the ride is going to be coming home. I give up on speed on the way out. I try to guess what kind of speed I can get coming home in different heart ranges. & I grind away, just like a long hill. It sounds corny, but it actually works.

80% attitude.

Apr 22, 2002 5:22 AM
Like you, where I live wind is constant. Afternoons it is most prolific, and from October through May it blows the hardest. The upside is as you have described it, making me stronger physically and mentally. I was on ride in Colorado last year when the route made a turn into the wind. The sound of people cursing was prevalent, but for me it felt like home. I smiled, got a bit lower and pedaled on.

The sweetest sound happens when, after riding into a strong headwind with the incessant noise in my helmet, I turn around to go back: Silence, followed by an almost effortless 40 mph joy ride.

the flowharlett
Apr 22, 2002 9:17 AM
len.our inner dialog is really just as important as our physical training and abilities isn't it-- our internal positive or negative words are like self-fulfilling prophecies-- one of the benefits of yoga, for me, has been the ability to concentrate and focus on a single entity-- when the mind is not allowed to wander in its concentration that fixation allows better physical performance-- with that concentration and a positive visualization its much easier to operate in a flow state and ignore external distractions--
with things like wind, or any obstacle, i don't analyze the consequences of a difficulty-- when you do that its disruptive and you slow yourself down-- even when i'm out of oxygen and energy i'm in the moment itself-- simply being aware and reacting to what my body is doing allows me to dismiss consequences outside my ability to influence-- i was fortunate to have a few coaches in my life who understood my personal moments of pain and struggle and helped me get through them and by doing so gave me confidence and made me a better athlete--

. i remember reading somewhere a while ago about poetry being born in silence, music and art from the quiet of the unconscious, true love from beneath words and thoughts and great physical efforts from a mind that is as still as a glass lake--
the flowLen J
Apr 22, 2002 10:14 AM

Great way to put it. It really is about being present in the moment, isn't it. Not living in the future (this is gonna hurt for a long time) or the past, but just being in the current moment. You reinforce this lesson from yoga, I from Tai-Chi, my own worst enemy (in the past) has been my own imagination (of what could happen), as in most important things in life, it is a learned & practiced behavior, a choice.

"....poetry being born in silence,..." I really like that! My writing is best when it flows out of me like an uncontrolled torrent, when I try to control it, the creativity disappears.

On Writing

I avoid you for the longest time...
afraid of what you will reveal,
unhealed wounds you will reopen,
labor you will require,
the exposure of my capability.

But then I begin again..
you carry me to places I would not otherwise go,
along paths I would not take,
showing views unanticipated,
using methods I did not know I had.

Time suspends when you capture me...
thoughts and emotions flow in torrents,
faster than I can comprehend,
deeper than I can fathom,
cascading and relating in ways unforeseen.

Finally I fully surrender...
you animate the pen across the page,
I try to keep up without steering,
curious of the destination, excited by the creation,
worried about the result.

Suddenly we are done...
The child lies vulnerable on the page.
Do I like it? Does it touch me?
Is it real? Is it good..enough?
I put it away.

I force myself to reconnect...
Fearful, I read and feel the thoughts again,
looking for inconsistency,
improvement without dilution,
and clarity without apparency.

I am satisfied...
The result is something that touches me,
or reminds me of a lesson lost.
But, can I share it?
I am afraid.

It is time to exhibit...
I worry.will anyone understand?.
Will it touch anyone?
Is it just intellectually enticing?
Am I any good at this?

I put my fear aside...
And release control of my child.
He/I sit(s) there naked and exposed
Before someone shows him/me
In a way I haven't seen before.

You call to me again...
always before I'm ready,
a rush of ideas flood my heart,
with no clue how to communicate them.
I try.

L.Janssen 5/2001

Apr 22, 2002 9:28 PM friend, i've known since first reading your posts here that you were without question a poet--


no matter among what moving
the tiny song
being of each hush its lending figure
--as in each song, no center
but all, as in soft dancing
it is the song of the dancer being taken,
providing the moving focus
which is no less upon she who sits rapt,
head swaying in time
and it is her song,
she providing focus, the dance being for her,
of her, and of the dancer taken by laughter,
the end reason, a moving grace--
as, in the sun on the spring hillside
very low, among bent grasses, stray leaves,
a few small blue flowers
arrest in movement the whole with delicate fragrance,
a tiny song of fragrance--
a small song, no less of beckoning spaces
in mountain-rimmed valleys
than empty chairs
awaiting fullness in a morning room..
a song infinitely small,
where dull clouds and cold
close us in, slowness of winter..
and at the table
the surrounding, glowing fragrance of searching
one another's faces---the prayer each face is,
the song,
having no center, resting, outpouring,
ingathering-- always--


Bravo!, & Thank You. nmLen J
Apr 23, 2002 3:53 AM
The problem with being fast ...SingleThreaded
Apr 21, 2002 7:11 PM
... is that there's always a headwind. Get aero, think thin, point the knees in, and find one of those guys with the "Fat Guy Who Gained Weight Over the Winter" jerseys to hide behind.
re: The Wind Godscyclopathic
Apr 22, 2002 3:07 AM
1. as your loop ride progresses wind turns to face you
2. if you've ridden 4hr against 15mph headwind it will dye as soon as you turn back
3. wind always blows hard in your face when you climb 12% grade
4. there will be no wind when you climb 1,200' hill in full sun, you'll hit it going down on shady downhill. Temperature is likely to drop so you'll start shivering and stiff up by the time you get down