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Does this compromise handlebar strength?(8 posts)

Does this compromise handlebar strength?Shultzman
Apr 21, 2002 2:07 PM
The LBS that built up my new bike used a razor knife to finish out the bar tape. The blade left a cut in the bar finish around the circumference of the bar where the tape ends.

Can these cuts create a stress riser on these new lightweight aluminum handlebars (Deda Newton 31.80)?


Apr 21, 2002 2:37 PM
they owe you some new bars. And I wouldn't use this shop again if they didn't volunteer this to begin with.
thats a bit much dont you thinkishmael
Apr 21, 2002 5:02 PM
lots of times ive seen people crash on fancy bars get back on and keep going without a picky about safety but that wouldnt bother me, i wouldnt like it thought..thats a stupid unecesary thing to do though...if they break be sure to write us...i doubt that the end of the tape area is risky thought, more so at the stem junction..
this is becausecyclopathic
Apr 22, 2002 2:54 AM
some stems have sharp edges which create stress points.
when installing new stem I always check and file/sand edge as need.
The friend of mine clydesdale regularly breaks seatposts at seattube junction, same reason
Apr 21, 2002 7:37 PM
Most high dollar handlebars are butted thicker between the inner taping points and the stem, to make them resistant to flex. I've witnessed that the point where handlebars become weak and eventually break is right at the stem, not furthur out. So I wouldn't worry about stress risers or cracking that far out away from the stem.

Nontheless, the mechanic who used a knife to cut tape against a pair of expensive and trick handlebars should be fired. I'd demand a new pair, and wrap them myself.
like scoring glass........surly357
Apr 21, 2002 8:42 PM
GTX is right on, several years ago Torelli addressed this issue in their sales literature. They claimed it was like scoring glass, and felt breakage there was entirely too possible.
Apr 21, 2002 8:54 PM
read the literature that comes with a lot of the high end lighweight stuff and you'll see the same warnings over and over. It's why shot peening is getting more common. You don't want to mess with bars, stems, steer tubes, cranks, etc.--they break on you and you'll be bummed.
Can't see itscottfree
Apr 22, 2002 6:51 AM
As I posted over in Components (this is another double post) my retro S-R bars have groovy etchings on them (I don't know if contemporary bars have similar). They're much deeper and more extensive than any razor cut I can imagine.