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Klein vs. Klein with carbon seat stays(2 posts)

Klein vs. Klein with carbon seat staysO
Apr 21, 2002 1:43 PM
Over the past 6 months I had been riding a Klein Quantum Race. I recently purchased a Klein Quantum Pro with carbon seat stays. FYI these are some of the things I have experienced with the carbon stays, as compared to aluminum:

-When in the saddle, the bike almost feels like on OCLV Trek. It's almost feels as if there is a carbon fork on the ass end of the bike. It is verrry smooth. Over bumps (such as railroad tracks), which otherwise might have been disturbing on the full Alu. bike, the bike seems to translate much less of the "disturbance" of the bumps.

-When climbing out of the saddle, the bike with carbon seat stays feels just as stiff as the other. It climbs like a Klein.

-Last, the Klein fork seems much stiffer than the ICON fork on the Quantum Race.

Be well....
Frame comparisonsKerry
Apr 21, 2002 3:43 PM
Unless you know that the rest of the frame is identical to the all Al unit, then you shouldn't attribute everything to the CF stays. Further, using thinner or smaller diameter Al stays possibly could have achieved the same effect. Otherwise you risk the "Al is stiff, CF is dead, Ti is flexy, etc." characterizations that are really meaningless.