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Insight on Eddy Merckx Team SC(5 posts)

Insight on Eddy Merckx Team SCRookieZ
Apr 21, 2002 1:06 PM
Can anyone provide real life insight regarding this bike. I am seriously considering ordering one. I have already researched many bikes and all of the fit issues. This one is still on my short list. Anyone out there have one? Are you happy? Would you purchase it again? Did you build it up or buy the complete bike? Thanks
re: Insight on Eddy Merckx Team SCgtx
Apr 21, 2002 1:22 PM
type "Merckx sc" into the search. This one has come up a lot recently--should be a lot of good info.
it just won roubaix...merckx56
Apr 21, 2002 2:11 PM
and museeuw said it rode better than any colnago he'd ever raced on.
re: Insight on Eddy Merckx Team SCyummy
Apr 21, 2002 4:35 PM
Yeah Yeah...
I got one. Built it up this winter with Record 10, Neutron know the rest. Best bike I've ever ridden. I let a buddy try it out...he bought one a week later.

I like to get up early just to look at it and to remind myself that I actually own one.

You won't regret me.
Fit and personal preferenceRay Sachs
Apr 22, 2002 7:08 AM
Whether you'll like a Merckx, whether a Team SC or a Fugo, or an MX-Leader, or one of the ti models, really comes down to fit and how well that geometry will work for you and what feel you like. Eddie favors laid back seat tubes, low bottom brackets, relatively long chainstays, and top tubes that (in combination with the chainstays and st angle) result in relatively shorter front centers and longer rear centers than most race bikes around today. Tends to result in a ride that's more stable, not quite as quick handling as your standard crit frame (or just about anything else with the super short chainstays that are common today). If you like getting behind the pedals (rear of KOPS), this geometry makes it relatively easy to do. I can imagine the stability would make it better for riding pave.

I like the feel of the Merckx geometry more than most racing bikes. I like the feel of my sport-touring frame even more, though, because it takes the same philosophy but just goes a bit farther with it. My full touring bike takes it to the extreme and is really sluggish and slow feeling. The sport touring bike hits the sweet spot for me. A lot of folks seem to like Merckx bikes after they try them - I suspect a lot of the same folks would REALLY love the feel of a nice sport touring frame if they ever gave one a try.