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Handlebar placement quesitons...(3 posts)

Handlebar placement quesitons...Psychler
Apr 20, 2002 2:22 PM
Trying to set up my new road bike. Seat height and fore/ aft...I got. Handlebar, now, I don't got!...I am going with a 110 to start and see how that feels ( the ole' handlebar obscuring the hub theory)...The angle of the drops, I seem to recall a "rule" for setting up the drops....Anyone? about stem rise/ spacers/ bar level with seat? Alan
only you can decideishmael
Apr 20, 2002 4:42 PM
"the rules" can be just as bad for some as they are good for bars arent over my hub and id never be comfortable if they were, the bars are a good distance behind...comfort and proper biomechanics are more important than aerodynamics for sure..and dont just hope that eventualy you'll streach...dont be afraid to switch stuff out, a good shop should help.....leave alot on the steerer tube at first and put spacers up there and feel it out before you commit..
re: Handlebar placement quesitons...Sintesi at home
Apr 21, 2002 5:25 AM
The standard for the drops is parallel to the ground. An older style for some was to aim the drops at your rear derailleur- probably not necessary with the new ergo bent handlebars. These are mere guidelines, you can put your bars where ever they feel good to you.

A lot of pros go with a very low and log setup for their stem placement. This is for aerodynamics and power efficiency. But these guys are top conditioned atheletes with the flexabilty necessary to maintain this position. Most people can't handle this position for long periods of time. There's school of though that says the most comfortable rider is going to be a more powerful rider, so feel free to raise those bars to a level that feels best for you now. As your condition and flexability improve you can experiment with lower positions.

Hope that helps some.