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So I was supposed to be...(3 posts)

So I was supposed to be...MikeC
Apr 20, 2002 2:16 PM out the garage today. But my mind kept wandering, and my eye kept falling on my bike, hanging directly under one of my canoes.
I gave the front wheel an absent-minded spin, and a couple of minutes later I looked over and it was still spinning. I immediately knew I had something much more important to do than clean the garage.
My bike's regular training front wheel, a C-Bike built Campy Moskva rim laced 32x2 to a Record hub, with an Axial Pro clincher, spins for 3 minutes and 52 seconds with the best spin I can give it. My wife's Trek 7500FX fitness bike has Bontrager wheels and hubs and paired spokes, with 700x35 IRC tires. Her front wheel spins for 2 minutes and 49 seconds. Next I'm going to turn the pedals at a given cadence and gear combination and see how the rear wheel does.
OK. Get out to YOUR garages now. We have a research project here!
kyseriums are slowishmael
Apr 20, 2002 4:53 PM
i think its the sealed bairings....i do have concerns about how slow and uneasy it is to spin my pedals backwards, whats that about, ive felt better on other bikes...what could be the culprit, or is it nothing to worry about...freewheel maybe?...its either that or the pullies on the rear derailuer, i cant think of any other posibilities except maybe shifts fine but...i can also hear more noise when pedaling than with other bikes..could chainline still be an issue if it shifts flawlessly...are rollers with bairings smoother than campy record with the simple whatever its called..
not necessarily goodfeathers mcgraw
Apr 20, 2002 6:55 PM
Aside from low drag bearings and better aerodynamics, one factor that would increase spinning time is greater rotational inertia. That's why flywheels are heavy.