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ITB Help!(1 post)

ITB Help!Chuck D
Apr 19, 2002 4:44 PM
It's been quite a while since I've posted here, so I guess I'm a newcomer of sorts.

Here's my question.

About a week ago, about 5-minutes into what was going to be a one hour weekday ride, I experienced some burning pain in my left knee, inside. To make a long story a little shorter
, the pain is only present when I cycle or climb and decend stairs. Went to see a doctor, an orthopedic who's also a cyclist. The exam found no "hot spots" or pain points. Diagnosed as ITB. He suggested I continue icing and taking ibuprofen for any swelling and pretty much determined it was an over-use/overtraining injury that's common in the early season. Also suggested PT which I'm work sched. may make it tough though. At this point I can't even spin the trainer with minimum resistance for more than a few minutes without pain.

Has anyone else gone thru this. Do you have any other recommendations? Getting really frustrated knowing I'll be missing all of the early season centurys here in New England. And, jeez...with the warm winter the group I ride with was already pretty fast...I'm afraid I'm going to lose all the benifits of my training so far.