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shoulder separation--help!(4 posts)

shoulder separation--help!monk14
Apr 19, 2002 12:09 PM
I crashed yesterday and received a third degree separation of my right shoulder. I may have broken a bone in my left hand as well - hurts like he** to type. I will see the orthopod on monday to determine if surgery is needed.

Question: anyone out there go through this? how long to get back on bike? how can I speed up rehab? btw: I am 43 year-old male n decent shape.

Thanks in advance.
re: shoulder separation--help!jrm
Apr 19, 2002 1:02 PM
Im 41 and have seperated(l) and sprained and seperated the (r)shoulders. The best adivce i can give you is use surgery as the LAST resort. (Cool Immenence Front by the WHO just came on the radio).

For both my sholder injuries i did Physical Therapy. it hurts like hell, beats you up pretty well but in my situation it worked flawlessly. Your biggest obstacle is reinjury due to a false sense of healing.

Since these shoulder problems ive worked to improve my upper body strenght. I primarily ride MTB but commute and ride road when i cant get in the dirt. Ive noticed that upper body strenght really does improve ability to recover from crashes, chicks dig it, i dont fatigue as fast on long rides, i have better control oh and chicks dig it ..did i already say that...
re: shoulder separation--help!mattcrout
Apr 19, 2002 2:18 PM
i had the same thing happen to me, only i went into the side of a car. third degree separation. How do you like your bumb? i started PT 2 weeks after the incident. it hurts a lot for a while. advil is wonderful. It happened in late August, was biking in late September and i was commuting to work by early October. i had to wear my bag across my chest though since i couldn't put any weight like a back pack on my shoulder. It's doing great now, almost not problems with it what so ever. good luck.
been there, done thatPaulCL
Apr 19, 2002 4:15 PM
3rd degree in May of 1998. Add on a few more injuries to make recovery even more fun.

Surgery as the last resort as the WHO fan posted earlier (I haven't hear Eminence Front in years - ask me about my WHO experience someday...another story). After suffering for several months, I finally went to PT in October. After two months, I felt great. Since then, I have added about 15lbs+ to my chest and arms - sucks going up hills, but my wife loves it.

My PT consisted of very low weight barbells and big rubber band straps. About 30 minutes every other day. I felt better, stronger, within two weeks. Amazing.

As for time off the bike. Me: 7 weeks and it hurt like hell until I did the PT. Think about it...leaning on those handlebars puts a lot of weight on the shoulders, specifically moving the joint even more seperated. Good luck. Let us know how Monday goes.. Paul