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Bicycling layoffs (again), Zap's Mt. Bike idiots in charge(17 posts)

Bicycling layoffs (again), Zap's Mt. Bike idiots in chargeclub
Apr 19, 2002 5:39 AM
well Rodale has done it again, they closed Bicycling Ragazine's CA office (again) and laid off the staff (again.) Now that tattooed, earringed Hollywood freako, Zap, and his evil minions are handling Bicycling's bike and hardware reviews, and you lucky Bicycling subscribers will get to read Zap's sage rantings in Bicycling. Better start lining up for tattoos and piercings if you roadies want to be with it...
Bicycling mag sucked anyway, Zap might make itclimbo
Apr 19, 2002 5:55 AM
a bit better read before I wipe my butt with it at least.
Hey, I LIKE Zap...Gregory Taylor
Apr 19, 2002 5:55 AM
He's the First Amendment on Wheels. Challenging and opinionated. Get past the physical appearance, he's passionate about BICYCLES, not just mountain bikes.

As for the producting testing, Mountainbike is not afraid to say when a product bites. They recently flamed the high-dollar Rock Shox "Carbon" SID, much to Rock Shox's dismay. Rock Shox spends mucho $$$ in advertisements in Mountainbike, so that took a little bit of courage and journalistic integrity, especially in a shrinking market. A lot of their staff has road experience as well. And, if you haven't noticed, there are a LOT of mountainbikers that are trying out the pavement side of things....

Mountain Bike was a spin-off of ironic that it is now being viewed as the savior of its parent. My fearless prognostication is that you will see the two merge within the year. My only fear is that a merger will (further) muck up Mountain too has started to show the signs of a flat bicycle market.
Zap is passionate about motorcycles, not bikes.Anvil
Apr 19, 2002 6:43 AM
They're putting the fox in charge of the hen house. "Zap" (my opinion is his name is perfect given his attention span)has gone on rants against road, cyclocross, and track racing. He also flops around on cycling trends/issues like a fish out of water. I'm with Club on this, nothing good will come of it and given the content of Bicycling and Mountain Bike over the last few years, they're both going to go into the toilet.
you something is wrong when..colker
Apr 19, 2002 8:40 AM
you find more (serious and fun) content in one day, on an amateur internet page like this than on a established magazine that took a full month to be edited.
cyclists are generally mature, thoughfull, literate people. a good cycling magazine could be an excellent all around magazine. remember bycicling and mountain bike used to be much better. not saying that was the standard i expect but the decadence of content is appaling. why?
I think that you are right on that score...Gregory Taylor
Apr 19, 2002 8:58 AM
There are some very talented writers that contribute to the board.

Content has been lacking at Bicycling for some time. Very little actual writing going on. Where are the articles!? Most of "content" seems to be summaries of press releases from bike and component manufacturers, accompanied by stock press photos. MountainBike, which used to have some excellent writing, is falling into the same trap, unfortunately.

Do any of you read Dirt Rag? Until the recent editorial shift there, it was a delightfully home-made magazine, much like the board here. It was designed to be a forum for the average dirt rider. Most of the content (art included) consists reader contributions, and a few product reviews by the staff. They are (mistakenly, I think) trying to drag themselves upmarket, and are starting to cater to a slightly different subset of biker culture than before. It's still good -- this month's issue has a visit to the Lightspeed factory, and look at commuter rigs that folks actually ride...
So right!CRM
Apr 19, 2002 9:12 AM
I used to be an avid bike magazine reader. I subscribed to four or five of them and couldn't wait for the next one to arrive in the mail. Now, I can't handle more than a cursory glance through any of them.

There is more insight, knowledge and provocative opinions on this board in one day than in all the bike mags put together.
The thing about them flaming the carbon SID shox me.Leisure
Apr 19, 2002 7:27 AM
But given other occasions where they give hohum reviews to big-money advertisers, you'll still see the carbon SID listed as one of their ten-best-of-the-year, when that issue comes out. And sure Zap has freedom of speech like anyone else, but personally I wouldn't pay him cash for it. IMO you find better literature sprinkled all over these two sites (rbr and mtbr both).
re: Bicycling layoffs (again), Zap's Mt. Bike idiots in chargejrm
Apr 19, 2002 6:03 AM
Never read it. And Zap is a total tool.
You read Bicycling? HAHAHAHA!DaThumb
Apr 19, 2002 6:21 AM
Yeah, I can't wait for next month's tech column-
"How to change a tire Part II."
or the innovative product of the month feature-"Cinelli bar tape."
tech column......surly357
Apr 19, 2002 9:05 AM
Did anyone read the tech column this month about the wheel rebuild, I don't remember if it was Mountain Bike or Bicycling. " my rim is tacoed, can I reuse my hub?" The mechanic says yes, and if you need to squeeze more miles out of the hub and it's worn just run different size ball bearings! Let's see, I'm going to buy a new rim, new spokes, + pay wheelbuilding labor, but I'm going to keep using a trashed hub. I'll subcribe today!!!
i'll keep buying itColnagoFE
Apr 19, 2002 6:53 AM
as long as it's cheap. i like looking at the new bikes. at least they were starting to feature stuff other than treks and cannondales. good toilet reading material. cycle sport, velonews and the like are kinda boring and way overpriced if you ask me.
This is good news.Sintesi
Apr 19, 2002 7:45 AM
Mountainbike is soo superior to Bicycling. Zap knows talent and he'll get some decent writers for a change. Those guys at Bicycling couln't buy a sense a humor. Say goodbye to those 7 word reviews as well.
Does anybody remember Winning magazineohmk1
Apr 19, 2002 9:00 AM
I do. nmWannabe
Apr 19, 2002 10:25 AM
Does anybody remember Winning magazinegrandemamou
Apr 19, 2002 10:32 AM
Funny you should mention it. I found several copies from the mid to late 80's when I cleaned out my home office closet last weekend. I don't even remember why I saved those particular issues. It was kind of cool to look through them at gear and pricing.
Glad to hear it.....coonass
Apr 19, 2002 5:46 PM
I cancelled about 2 or 3 years ago! What's with Rodale?? Everytime they have something that catches on, they "re-direct" it...Prevention mag was a ~decent Nutrition/Vitamin/Mineral source, then they turned it into a AARP Walking Mag; Bicycling went from Road bikes to Off-road bikes...don't hammer me; I've got a Trek 8000 that I love, but as though there weren't already enough Off-road mags on the stand, they eliminate the one so-so decent Road mag. I don't know what else Rodale has out there because I try to avoid all their publications for fear that I'll really like it and they'll just screw it up after they reach a certain subscriber quota...then downhill from there...
I say "Goodbye and Good ridance to (Off-road)'Bicyling'!