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Scapin Frames(2 posts)

Scapin FramesAvanti Guy
Apr 19, 2002 1:20 AM
Has anyone here had any experience with Scapin road frames. From what I have been able to gather they are a quality handmade Italian Steel frame, classic geometry and are also pretty darned light.
Anyone own/ridden one, I am especially interested in impressions of the EOS7i...
Any info would be great, thanks!
re: Scapin Framescgbbike
Apr 19, 2002 5:23 AM
I have an EOS 7 (2001 model) and love it. The frame is very well made. The powder coat looks great and the inside of the tubes are painted/treated to make it " weather poof". The frames are mad every light having drilled out dropouts, btm bracket shell, head tube (the web site will give you more info on this) also it comes with ti hardware for the binder bolt and cable guide. My frame weighed in a little under 3lbs, which is not bad for a powder coated steel frame. The ride quality of the bike is great. It rides very smooth, in part thanks to the curved seat stays and carbon post. Power transfer is good thanks to the shaped down tube and asymmetrical chain & seat stays. My complete bike weighs in at about 15.5 lbs.
I will try to get a picture to post.